94U.S. appeals court denied BlackBerry Z10 sales to stimulate growth by hiding|U.S. appeals court denied BlackBerry Z10 sales to stimulate growth by hiding3

The appeals court denied by concealing the BlackBerry Z10 sales growth to stimulate the stock Sina Technology News Beijing time on August 25th morning news, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the second circuit today rejected the plaintiff’s appeal, maintaining local court before ruling, denied BlackBerry company through sales to mislead investors to hide Z10. BlackBerry launched Z10 mobile phone in January 2013, hoping to regain market share from the hands of Apple Corp samsung. Although Z10 won the praise of the market, but sales are not satisfactory, resulting in BlackBerry in September 20, 2013 minus $930 million. The same day, blackberry shares shrink about 16. After two months, the company CEO Torsten · Haines (Thorsten Heins) turnover. In this lawsuit, the plaintiff accused BlackBerry to conceal the poor performance of Z10, the purpose is to stimulate the stock price growth. Today, the United States Court of Appeals for the second circuit to maintain the local court judge Thomas · Galicia (Thomas Griesa) said the March 2015 ruling, the plaintiff failed to prove that BlackBerry and its executives deliberately concealed investors. But the second circuit court of Appeals reversed the case back to the district court, allowing the plaintiff to add new evidence. (Li Ming)

99The EBRD accident spread eagle bullion tangled Russian high oil prices hovering spoiler|The EBRD accident spread eagle bullion tangled Russian high oil prices hovering spoiler4

The EBRD accident spread eagle bullion "tangled" oil prices hovering Sina Russia spoiler fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Huitong network September 8th News – Thursday (September 8th) spot gold within a narrow range, currently trading at around $1346.55 an ounce, although the EBRD resolution to maintain the current interest rates unchanged, Delaki slightly hawkish, help the euro shot up to nearly two week high, the dollar continues to weaken, but the price of gold did not continue, please initial data Fed officials are still relatively optimistic, hawks, weak physical demand, but also has dragged down the price of gold. The crude oil market, crude oil inventories at API reduced the increase of imports of crude oil, Chinese, once helped the price spike, but d had been called for the production of frozen oil producing countries met in September Russia said it would not discuss frozen production agreement surprised the market, the market is still waiting for more guidance. [Delaki said temporarily without additional stimulation, gold price shock] waiting for a breakthrough Thursday by the European Central Bank kept interest rates unchanged, but the European Central Bank, said do not need to introduce additional stimulus, help the euro rose above 1.13 mark, refresh nearly two week high of 1.1327, the gold price shocks weaken, once refresh near the two lows to $1341.90 in the past. A few months the low interest rate environment provides a strong support for gold, after Delaki’s speech, the support is weakened; but the weaker dollar helped gold recovery decline; the current price of gold is still maintain concussion. The European Central Bank on Thursday (September 8th) announced the latest monetary policy decisions, as the market is expected to steady three interest rates: the deposit rate unchanged at -0.40%, the main refinancing rate unchanged at zero interest rates, the marginal lending mechanism remained unchanged at 0.25%, and quantitative easing (QE) scale unchanged at 80 billion euros. The European central bank interest rate decision announcement also said in a statement, the QE project will be implemented until March 2017, will be extended if necessary; QE plan will continue until the target inflation and maintain consistency; and the CMC still expect a long period of time, interest rates will remain at current levels or lower. However, the European Central Bank, said at a news conference, the European Central Bank did not discuss the extended time debt purchase plan, the implementation of the European Central Bank focused on QE, now do not need more stimulus, low interest rates limit the scope of assets QE. This makes the market surprised, the original market is expected to further expand the ECB to relax or extend the time to implement QE. It also provides for the euro ascribed to the kinetic energy, the dollar index once refresh nearly two week lows to 94.46, but is currently facing the dollar index rebounded since May under the rail support channel, short-term effective below the difficulty. Gold, the Fed’s recent poor performance data in the premise, is still relatively hawkish, physical gold demand is relatively weak, which is unfavorable for gold. Ricci, chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve Lacker (Jeffrey) on Wednesday (September 7th) at the congressional hearing on