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12 year old girl. The big belly Department 2 years ago news photo (Figure) original title: Xuzhou 12 year old girl. The girl raised hot belly photos, news photos of two years ago, according to Jiangsu media reports, October 4th at noon, Xuzhou City Quanshan Kuishan station received the alarm, said in Xuzhou Central hospital a 12 year old girl to do prenatal examination in a man and a woman accompanied by suspected the girl was abducted. In October 7th, the Xuzhou police, after investigation, the initial recognition of the girls are foreigners, is abducted. Accompanied by a doctor Xuzhou man, Liu suspicion of buying abducted women and children of crime, has been under criminal detention according to law. This is a lot of news media frightful to the ear when reported, are equipped with a girl belly photos, but did not specify whether the picture the picture of the girl, and did not explain the source of photos. And this picture is more impact than the news itself, causing a lot of comments and forwarding users. A large number of photos can be forwarded from the media watermark can be seen, this photo was originally from the Xuzhou daily". The official certification account also fooled but found through the search, in fact this photo with pictures from a July 2014 girl suffering from cancer report. This picture has been used for more than two years to do a picture of the use of news: according to the Jiangsu TV station reported the video, the girl should be like this, really very young: This is the Xuzhou local media reported that the "City Morning Post" photo: responsibility editor: Gao Yuying相关的主题文章: