15 thousand tourists in Gulangyu Islet National Day single day limited-musiland

Gulangyu Islet national scenic tourists 15 thousand by limiting one-day tour – line approval of Typhoon "Meranti" hit Gulangyu Islet Herald News (reporter correspondent Cui Xiaoxu Zhong Shaozhen) typhoon Meranti, Gulangyu Islet affected heavier, still in recovery. Yesterday, the Xiamen Tourism Quality Supervision issued during the National Day golden week suggest that limiting one-day 15 thousand people, tourists on the island have to be approved according to the scenic tour line. The National Day holiday is limited by 15 thousand people in the near future. Xiamen has been attacked by typhoon in succession, and many scenic spots and safety facilities are damaged. Although most of the scenic spots have been opened in succession, tourists still need to be led by safety while visiting. Do not close to damaged trees and bare circuits, mountains and walls. At present, the core scenic area of Gulangyu Islet is still recovering because of heavy damage. The capacity of tourists to receive is limited. During the National Day Golden Week this year, there are 15 thousand people on a single day. In order to ensure the safety of tourists on the island to visit scenic spots according to the approved line. Department of tourism and visitors are advised to visit Gulangyu Islet, such as hope, be sure to buy tickets in advance on the island, to the official website (booking tickets). Don’t believe those "black guide" and "cattle" Xiamen Tourism Quality Supervision and remind the tourists, never listen to the "black guide" and "cattle" and "old driver" recommended, they generally appear in the port, airport near the station, pretending to provide "intimate services", "government subsidies" at the recommended tourism, are in fact deeply "routine". Behind a series of tempting "low prices", they are often the mind of their "muffled and big money". Travel to consciously resist the "unreasonable price", "zero negative cost" tour, whether in a day "or" N "tour", have signed a travel contract with the travel agency, clear the rights and obligations of both parties, to determine the itinerary and service standard. In particular, it is important to note that the travel agency that enrolment itself is not a "black society". During the tour, during the golden week of national day, Xiamen City Tourism Quality Supervision Department will provide service to tourists all day. In case of any tourist tourism service quality problems, timely call the following tourist complaints Tel: 1. Xiamen City Tourism Quality Supervision and management complaint telephone: 0592-5318985; 2. Siming District Tourism Quality Supervision and management of complaints Tel: 0592-5818768 3. Jimei District Tourism Quality Supervision and management complaint telephone: 0592-6106986; 4. Haicang District Tourism Quality Supervision and management complaint telephone: 0592-6585110.

鼓浪屿国庆单日限流1.5万 游客按景区核准线路游览   ▲台风“莫兰蒂”重创鼓浪屿   导报讯 (记者 崔晓旭 通讯员 钟劭臻)受台风莫兰蒂影响,鼓浪屿受灾较重,目前尚在恢复中。昨日,厦门旅游质监所发布提示,国庆黄金周期间单日限流1.5万人,上岛游客还得按景区核准线路进行游览。   国庆假期单日限流1.5万人   近期,厦门地区接连遭受台风袭击,许多景区景观及安全保障设施受损。虽大部分景区已陆续开放,但游客在游览时仍需以安全为首,不要靠近受损的树木及裸露的电路、山体、墙体。   目前,核心景区鼓浪屿因受灾较重,尚在恢复中,游客接待能力有限,今年国庆黄金周期间单日限流1.5万人。为确保安全,上岛游客需按景区核准线路进行游览。   旅游部门并建议游客,如希望前往鼓浪屿游览,务必提前购买上岛船票,到官网()预订船票。   别信那些“黑导”和“黄牛”   厦门旅游质监所并提醒游客,永远不要听信“黑导”、“黄牛”、“老司机”的推荐,他们一般出没于港口码头、机场车站附近,佯装提供“贴心服务”,推荐“政府补贴”的低价旅游,其实都是深深的“套路”。一系列诱人的“低价”背后,往往是他们“闷声发大财”的心思。   出门旅游要自觉抵制“不合理低价”、“零负团费”的旅游团,不管参加“一日游”还是“N日游”,都要同旅行社签订旅游合同,明确双方的权利义务,确定行程和服务标准。特别需要注意的是,确保自己报名的旅行社不是“黑社”。   旅游提醒   国庆黄金周期间,厦门市旅游质监部门将全天候为游客提供服务。游客若遇任何旅游服务质量问题,可及时拨打以下旅游投诉电话:   1。厦门市旅游质量监督管理所投诉电话:0592-5318985;   2。思明区旅游质量监督管理所投诉电话:0592-5818768;   3。集美区旅游质量监督管理所投诉电话:0592-6106986;   4。海沧区旅游质量监督管理所投诉电话:0592-6585110。相关的主题文章: