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Prediction of the double chromosphere 16127th phase: the leading Sohu prime code view loans 2016126 lottery results for 020612171819 + 10, and the value fell to 74 points, 1 road and tail values separated by three period coming back up, this let us use Shuangseqiu today in history tool to further analyze the calendar year 127 award number law: the period from 2005 to 2015 a total of 127 out of 11, more than 10 leading award, only open a period (in particular in 2011127 out of 16), the other 10 were in the range of 01-07 falls, of which the red 02 was the most active, the 2016127 should be considered small values leading continued to fall, mainly optimistic about the performance of prime number. Take another look at performance in the past 127 Phoenix number lottery, skewed 1 prefix in only 2009127 out of 16 Phoenix, another 3 out of a total of 6 period award number prefix, showing some hot, 2 prefix numbers are out of 25-28-29-27, numerical fluctuations, the next period and sixth to 3 prefix red ball closeout. From the history of the 11 period and the value of the ball data observed below 100 points and the total value of out of 7, and the minimum value is 70, and the maximum value is 96; more than 100 points and only out of 4, the control points in the 100-136 range fluctuated slightly, 2016127 Lord above 100 and the value of force. From the number of consecutive odd odd number form, continuous code in the 11 group (2005127 out of 5 in period 2006127, 2011127, 2012127 and 2014127 respectively), the remaining six odd number group number for all 02016127 consecutive odd number of continuous covering weak signal can be ruled out, kill form code 1113, 2527. In the history of the 11 period award number basketball ball are 12-01-11-13-04-01-11-08-14-12-06, the size ratio of 6:5, ratio of 5:62016127 parity advice sought after small, odd number (size: 01-08 is small, 09-16 is big). 8+2 double recommended: 03,06,07,20,26,28,31,32 6+1:03,06,20,26,31,32 + 03 + 01,03

双色球第16127期预测:龙头码看质数-搜狐  2016126期双色球开奖结果02 06 12 17 18 19 + 10,和值下滑至74点,1路和值尾相隔三期现身回补,本期让我们再利用双色球历史上的今天工具来进一步分析历年的127期奖号规律:   127期从2005至2015共计开出11期,10以上龙头奖号仅开出一期(具体是在2011127期开出16),另外10期均在01-07区间落号,其中红球02最为积极,2016127期应考虑小数值龙头的续落,重点看好质数表现。   再来关注一下凤尾号码在历年的127期开奖表现,偏态1字头凤尾仅在2009127期开出16,另外3字头奖号共计开出6期,呈现一定的热态,2字头号码依次开出25-28-29-27,数值波动较小,未来一期主看红球第六位以3字头收尾。   从和值历史11期出球数据观察,100点以下和值共计开出7期,最小和值点为70,最大和值点为96;100点以上和值仅开出4期,点位控制在100-136区间小幅波动,2016127期主看100点以上和值发力。   从奇号连续形态来看,奇号连续码在11期中开出5组(分别发生在2005127期、2006127期、2011127期、2012127期及2014127期),剩余六期奇号连续组数全部为0,2016127期奇号连续回补信号较弱,可考虑排除,杀形态码11 13、25 27。   蓝球奖号在历史11期依次落球12-01-11-13-04-01-11-08-14-12-06,大小比为6:5,奇偶比为5:6,2016127期建议追捧小、奇数值(大小:01-08为小,09-16为大 )。   8+2复式推荐:03,06,07,20,26,28,31,32 + 01,03   6+1:03,06,20,26,31,32 + 03相关的主题文章: