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18 year old girl continued to shoot up in postpartum milk was AV’s speculation on the original film on the original MIKU MIKU back 9 months pregnant to film the Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, a 18 year old Japanese girl on the original MIKU (the original construct on unmarried), in order to earn milk money. Had to stand big belly sea when actress AV, 9 months pregnant to shoot 6P drama, people lament the end of July; smooth production after the September comeback film, rest less than 2 months and the filming of heavy salty plot, because milk secretion is exuberant, film producers simply use "exploding chest" the stem as a gimmick, triggered a heated discussion. The famous AV Master sword you 3 days in spring and Autumn "PLAY NO.1" on the original documents, revealed the status of MIKU since the end of July, she gave birth to her daughter, was quickly restored, the rest 2 months without a declared comeback in the film, she also exposed the students wear uniforms, because the water secretion and swollen breasts also, gently press the water ejected, the physiological changes of pregnancy pregnancy after a piece of business to speculation selling point. Has motherhood, and have not returned milk, will be staged by male superior violations of the drama, many users look quite emotion, said: "no matter how many times, no physiological reaction." Although only just 4 months after birth, but she recovered quickly, flat stomach, limbs are still slim, can not see is a child’s mother, but the story of excessive consumption of pregnant women lead to positive and negative comments. (commissioning editor: vhaha)相关的主题文章: