19 year old girl big belly like a pregnant women doctors from the womb with 36 fibroids (video)misao

19 year old girl belly big as pregnant women, doctors from the womb out 36 fibroids network pictures, unmarried girls abdominal like pregnancy gradually rising, friends and classmates often in the back point, to the hospital for a check, even found her abdomen has been densely packed tumor occupied. At the age of 19, Xiao Huang is a sophomore in a university in Wuchang. She has no meat or snacks, especially barbecue and fast food. A year ago, Huang began to gain weight, and her body was obviously fat, but she and her family didn’t care too much. Until two months ago, her stomach was obviously raised like a pregnant woman. Xiao Huang’s mother took her to the hospital for examination, and found that Xiao Huang had fibroids. But the tumor must be removed at the same time, the uterus, so that the unmarried Miss Huang very desperate. Seeing the growing belly, walking on the road like 7 months pregnant, often pointing, also attracted students and friends behind the discussion, Huang had to leave, attending around. 4 days ago, two people came to Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University. The examination found that the uterine fibroids in small yellow belly is formed by a large number of tumors of different sizes, "package", and will support the uterus 8 times larger, must be operated as soon as possible, otherwise very dangerous. After repeated demonstration, we decided to implement the tumor removal operation to preserve the uterus. In today’s surgery, the doctor will carefully remove uterine fibroids, and even take out 36 different sizes of "small fibroids", of which the largest diameter of 20 centimeters, and then will be destroyed by the uterus of the uterus plastic repair, for Huang kept fertility. Zhang Yu, chief physician of the Department of Gynecology, said that uterine fibroids were called "gynecological first tumor", and the incidence was higher. Often appear in the female reproductive age, 30 to 50 years old is more common, although in recent years there is a trend of younger, but unmarried women in the possession of so many uterine fibroids are rare. (reporter Li Han correspondent Gao Xiang) video related to the 7 year old boy on the buttock of a huge tumor, said Altman want to become defeated himself

19岁少女肚大如孕妇 医生从子宫里拿出36个肌瘤网络图片未婚少女腹部如同怀孕般日渐隆起,朋友和同学常常在背后指指点点,到医院一查,竟然发现她腹中已被密密麻麻的肿瘤占满。19岁的小黄是武昌某高校的大二学生,平时无肉不欢,尤其爱吃烤肉和快餐。一年前,小黄体重开始逐渐增长,身形明显发胖,不过她和家人并未太在意,直到两个月前肚子明显隆起,如同怀孕一般。小黄的母亲才带着她到医院检查,结果发现小黄竟有子宫肌瘤。但取瘤的同时必须切除子宫,这让未婚的小黄非常绝望。眼看肚子越来越大,走在路上如同7个月的孕妇,常被人指指点点,也引来同学和朋友背后议论,小黄不得不请假,四处求诊。4天前,两人来到武汉大学中南医院。经检查发现,小黄腹中的子宫肌瘤是由许多大小不等的瘤体形成的“包块”,并将子宫撑大8倍,必须尽快手术,否则非常危险。经过反复论证,决定实施保留子宫的取瘤手术。今天进行的手术中,医生将子宫肌瘤一个个小心剥离,竟然拿出36枚大小不等的“小肌瘤”,其中最大的直径达20公分,再将被肿瘤破坏的子宫进行整形修复,为小黄保住了生育能力。医院妇科主任医师张蔚表示,子宫肌瘤被称为“妇科第一瘤”,发病率较高。常出现在女性生育期年龄,30至50岁比较多见,虽然近年来有年轻化的趋势,但未婚女性腹中藏有这么多的子宫肌瘤比较少见。(记者 李晗 通讯员 高翔)相关视频 7岁男孩屁股上长巨大肿瘤 称想成为奥特曼战胜自己相关的主题文章: