27 days of Typhoon catfish on the shore of Jiangsu into the cloudy rain model (video)-drop dead diva

27 days of Typhoon "catfish" on the shore of Jiangsu into the cloudy rain mode affected by the typhoon "catfish", Jiangsu tomorrow from the weather into the rainy model. So today’s sunny must cherish, only northern parts of the province have showers, to wash the sun. The temperature began to decline, the highest temperature of 30 degrees in Nanjing today and tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is reduced to 23 DEG C, 7 C drop. The temperature in Nanjing rose very quickly yesterday, up to 29 degrees centigrade in the afternoon. The temperature of the whole province also presents a gradient distribution, the northern region is about 25 degrees C, and the southern region is generally approaching 30 degrees C. However, the humidity is a little bigger in the north and a little rain in the place where the clouds are thick. Today, the weather is similar to yesterday, the whole province is cloudy and cloudy. Among them, there are showers between Jianghuai and parts of Huaibei to remind everyone to go out with umbrellas. Where there is no rain, the partners have to prepare in advance, because the massive rain clouds will arrive tomorrow. Meteorological station said that under the influence of the upper trough, there are showers tomorrow. The typhoon "catfish" is moving westward at a speed of 20-25 kilometers per hour. It is expected to land in the Taiwan region tomorrow and the day after tomorrow in eastern Guangdong to the south of Fujian. Affected by this, from the day after tomorrow, the whole province began to rain. Among them, the rain along the river and the South of Jiangsu area on the day after the day, and the heavy rain in some parts. The annual "equinox" solar term, most areas of Jiangsu have autumn. And this year, the high temperature abnormal recovery, these two days are also maintained at 29 to 30 degrees C, some areas still some muggy. With the continuous rain, Jiangsu is really going to fall into autumn. The highest temperature of the whole province fell from 30 degrees to "2", along the river and South of Jiangsu area about 25 degrees C, and the other areas fell to 20 to 21 degrees C. Nanjing will also fall from 30 to about 23 degrees centigrade. The degree of cooling in the province is 5 degrees C to 7 C. The temperature slips down to remind everyone to keep warm, early and late in time to add clothes, do not catch a cold. At present, the influence of "catfish" on the National Day holiday is over. Nanjing three days the weather is cloudy today, east 3 to 4, 21 to 30 degrees centigrade tomorrow cloudy with showers or thunderstorms, 22 to 30 DEG C after overcast with showers, 21 to 23 DEG C to the Central Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow warning typhoon "catfish" in 28, landing in Fujian and Guangdong

27日台风“鲇鱼”上岸 江苏进入阴雨模式受台风 " 鲇鱼 " 影响,江苏明天起天气进入阴雨模式。所以今天的晴好一定要珍惜,全省仅北部部分地区有阵雨,要洗晒的抓紧。气温也开始下降,南京今明两天最高气温 30 ℃,后天就降到 23 ℃了,骤降 7 ℃。昨天南京气温上升很快,午后达到 29 ℃以上。全省气温也呈现梯度分布,北部地区 25 ℃左右,南部地区普遍逼近 30 ℃。不过,湿度则是北方大些,云厚的地方还飘了点雨。今天天气跟昨天差不多,全省多云到阴。其中,江淮之间和淮北部分地区有阵雨,提醒大家出门带伞。没下雨的地方,小伙伴们也要提前准备,因为大规模降雨云团明天就将到达。气象台表示,受高空槽影响,明天全省有阵雨。台风 " 鲇鱼 " 正以每小时 20-25 公里的速度向西偏北方向移动。预计明天在台湾地区登陆,后天再次在广东东部到福建南部登陆。受此影响,从后天开始,全省开始降雨。其中,后天沿江和苏南地区中雨,局部还有大雨。常年 " 秋分 " 节气后,江苏大部分地区就已经入秋了。而今年高温异常回升,这两天还维持在 29 ℃到 30 ℃,部分地区还有些闷热。伴随着连绵阴雨,江苏要真正开始踏入秋天了。后天全省最高温从 30 ℃回落到 "2" 字头,沿江和苏南地区 25 ℃左右,其他地区下降到 20 ℃到 21 ℃。南京也将从 30 ℃下降到 23 ℃左右。全省降温幅度达 5 ℃到 7 ℃。气温一下子滑落,提醒大家注意保暖,早晚及时添衣,不要感冒了。目前来看," 鲇鱼 " 的风雨影响在国庆假期前就结束了。南京三日天气今天 多云,偏东风 3 到 4 级,21 ℃~30 ℃明天 多云转阴有阵雨或雷雨,22 ℃~30 ℃后天 阴有阵雨,21 ℃~23 ℃ 中央气象台发布台风黄色预警 “鲇鱼”将于28日登陆闽粤沿海相关的主题文章: