3 billion 700 million years old! So far the oldest fossils appear in Greenland-sopor aeternus

3 billion 700 million years old! The oldest fossils appeared in Greenland – Beijing Science and technology daily Beijing (reporter Wang Xiaolong) in August 31, an Australian research team reported that they found some layers of petrochemical stone in Greenland, its history can be traced back to 3 billion 700 million years ago, is the earliest living fossil 220 million years earlier. Responsible for the study of the Australian University of Wollongong Alan? Ned Mann said he and his colleagues in the southwest Greenland, the metamorphic rocks found in the ys high 1 – 4 cm fossil. The rock chemical characteristics, sedimentary structure and mineral composition contained several lines of evidence indicate that the stromatolites formed by living organisms, dating back to about 3 billion 700 million years ago. Stromatolites, is a "quasi fossil" organic deposition by the formation of prokaryotes. Because cyanobacteria and other lower microbial life activities will cause periodic mineral deposit, and the sediment for capture and cementation, formed by the fossil has stack like structure, and thus also to the naming of stromatolites. Stromatolites are algae thrive form biological remains record abundant paleo environmental information, has important scientific research value. Greenland is the largest island in the world, an area of about 2 million 166 thousand square kilometers, the resident population of about 57 thousand, located in the Arctic, cold climate, more than 80% of the land is covered with snow and ice, the environment has never been polluted, known as "the world’s last piece of pure land" and "Earth’s natural museum". The researchers said that these fossils are thought to have been deposited in shallow water environment, is in the near future after the melting of the snow cover was discovered. Prior to the study of the molecular clock that the origin of the earth’s life time is about 4000000000 years ago, the new discovery and its anastomosis, to some extent, to prove this point, to provide a fossil evidence. Related papers published in the latest issue of the Journal nature. Chief editor punctuate although mother earth may have objections, but geologists and archaeologists never let any one of the woman’s real age opportunities, the best age estimate is a little more than 4 billion 500 million years, while the oldest fossil record constantly refreshed, warning tell us a fact: in Earth’s history, the evolution of life the process started quite early time. So, the planet is really like a life.相关的主题文章: