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Movies-TV As everybody would already be familiar with, TV commercials or advertisements are short programs that are paid for by different organizations to convey different messages and despised by TV viewers for wasting their time. Naturally, it is important for TV commercials to be catchy, for its message to stick to the viewers minds, and for it to be considered influential. This is one of the famous mediums to make a product known that is considered inside the big thee (Tri-Media TV, print and radio) Here are a few aired TV commercials that could be considered influential or effective: 1. Macbook Air This TV commercial, although simple, really emphasized the best feature of the product they are advertising. In this case, the thinness and lightness of Macbook Air. Anyone who is not familiar with this product, and who would see this commercial for the first time would probably be interested just by seeing it on TV. Also, the Apple brand skyrocketed from the 1984 superbowl 1 minute – multimillion dollar commercial that aired only once. Watch the video below: (Read the book buzzmarketing and see why this is the most influential advertisement of all time!) 2. Pepsi Commercial (Maximum Taste No Sugar) The Pepsi TV commercial is different, and therefore interesting. The whole thing does not really say anything about the product. It is some kind of underground – no branding at first and It just shows people acting crazy all throughout. But interesting because it makes people curious about the product, hence you would no that no branding but delivering a message is effective. 3. Honda Ad Watching this TV commercial for the first few minutes, one would probably not instantly know that the product being advertised is a Honda Accord. But after watching the whole thing, one of the first things one would probably say is that the commercial is really different and innovative. It is definitely a different way of showing off the features of the product. There are tons (literally) of other ads that can be seen whether on prime time or the internet. It actually doesnt matter if your product is a brake fluid, shampoo or an adult toy. What is important is to make a connection to the viewer for it to stick to peoples minds. And with the list above, it is pretty clear that there are many ways to be able to achieve it. One could either center on the best product feature, to be innovative in presenting the product, to simply just do crazy things, to make viewers curious, or even add some kind of catchy music. Either way, whats important is to make people remember it for brand recognition, and in the end, buy or via word of mouth, spread the product. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: