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3199 yuan, zero infohold launched the "portable" handheld camera PTZ camera PTZ – Sohu technology is the key technology of aerial UAV, so the UAV manufacturers launched handheld pan tilt camera is not unusual. The afternoon of September 22nd, zero infohold launched handheld PTZ camera Rollcap in Beijing, the price of 3199 yuan. And similar products in different places, this product is the flagship portable, it uses sweet ice cream shape, integrated design of the fuselage is very small. Zero called "pocket PTZ camera" Rollcap, is this company "pocket" family of second products, the first product for the same small pockets of UAV Dobby. Configuration, Rollcap uses a Qualcomm snapdragon processor and 945mAh capacity battery, said the life time of 110 minutes 4K shooting (support fast charging technology, 1 hours can be filled). Its camera is 13 million pixels, the maximum viewing angle of the lens 94°. Pan used three axis brushless motor, ± 0.03° stabilization accuracy. Its body weight is 219G, slightly heavier than iPhone 7 Plus (188g). Shooting, Rollcap can be a button on the fuselage, a key to start shooting, you can also choose to connect the phone to shoot APP. The use of the same name app Rollcap applications, real-time view of the shooting images or editing operations, and photos and video sync to the phone. The Rollcap provides three tripod interface of a standard thread, compatible with all kinds of Sports Camera Accessories commonly used, to adapt to the vehicle riding, and running the application scene. Zero degree of intelligence control official also need to purchase additional special waterproof shell, to meet the needs of users in the underwater shooting. Finally, the zero degree of intellectual control founder Yang Jianjun, introduced the company since its inception in 2007, the accumulation of applications from the industry level, to force the process of consumer products. In the end, he announced a new round of zero degree intelligence control and other companies involved in the 150 million round of financing.相关的主题文章: