4-6 northerly winds have blown the temperature will gradually drop Hangzhou today is up to 13 DEG C tonya mitchell

4-6 northerly winds have blown the temperature will gradually drop up to 13 DEG C, Hangzhou today in Hangzhou for a week the weather will continue to lower the temperature of Hangzhou, this morning will drop to 9 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature of 13 degrees, the north wind to greet. However, this is not the Hangzhou cold air temperature after the "freezing point" — on the morning of 11 will be the lowest temperatures of the cold air process. Hangzhou municipal meteorological station is expected at around 8 degrees, close to the lowest value of the last cold air when, in November 3rd 8.1 C. Yesterday morning, the city people to enjoy the "cold wind cooling + + package". The day before yesterday night, Hangzhou has a total of 156 stations appear above 6 winds, which includes the Xiaoshan Railway Station, 17 stations wind over 8. Why a windy day feeling cold? This is called "in meteorology, cold effect" is a result caused by the wind, the body feeling temperature than the actual temperature low phenomenon. From a large number of scientific experiments, summed up the relationship between wind speed and human feeling of well-being: when the temperature is over 0 DEG C when the wind, every 2 increase, the cold feeling will drop to 3~5 degrees; the temperature below 0 DEG C when the wind, every 2 increase, the cold feeling will drop 6~8 C. Yesterday, the Central Meteorological Observatory issued a cold blue warning. The provincial meteorological observatory also released a report – cooling affected by cold air, the temperature will gradually decline in our province, and tomorrow the lowest temperature in mountain areas of northwestern Zhejiang Province 7-9 C in coastal areas 11-13 degrees, in other areas the minimum temperature is 9-11 DEG C; this process appears in the morning of 11, the lowest temperature in Northwest Zhejiang mountain 5-7 C, coastal areas 9-11 C, the rest of 7-9 C. "Before sunrise, the temperature will be reduced, this also explains why the lowest temperature of the day is usually in the morning. Of course, this radiation cooling process is also affected by the state of the sky: the sky cloud more night, like a ground cover quilt, to "warm" role, thus cooling is not too serious; on a clear night, like a cloud cover quilt, the temperature dropped more." The 10 day (Thursday): rain cloudy, north wind 3-4 10~14 C, 11 day (Friday): cloudy, north wind 2-3 8~17 C, 12 day (Saturday): cloudy, 10~19 C, north wind 2-3 13 day (Sunday): overcast to cloudy, north wind 2-3 11~20 degrees. The 14 day (Monday): cloudy, 12~20 C, north wind 2-3 15 day (Tuesday): 13~20 degrees, cloudy, north wind 2-3

4-6级偏北风一直吹全省气温还将逐渐下降 杭城今天最高13℃ 杭州一周天气   杭城气温将继续降低,今天早晨将跌至9℃左右,最高气温13℃,偏北大风继续招呼着。不过,这还不是杭城本次冷空气影响后的气温“冰点”——11日早晨才会出现本次冷空气影响过程的气温最低值。杭州市气象台预计在8℃左右,接近上次冷空气影响时的最低值,11月3日的8.1℃。   昨天一早起来,杭城人就享受到了“冷雨+北风+降温”的套餐。   前天夜间,杭州共有156个测站出现6级以上大风,其中,包括萧山站在内的17个测站风力超过8级。   为什么大风天感觉特别冷?   这在气象学上叫作“风寒效应”,是一种因风引起的,体感温度比实际气温低的现象。从大量的科学实验中,总结出风速大小和人体冷暖感觉的关系:当气温在0℃以上时,风力每增加2级,人的寒冷感觉会下降到3~5℃;气温在0℃以下时,风力每增加2级,人的寒冷感觉会下降6~8℃。   昨天,中央气象台继续发布寒潮蓝色预警。而省气象台也发布降温报告——   受冷空气影响,我省气温还将逐渐下降,今明两天最低温度浙西北山区7-9℃,沿海地区11-13℃,其他地区9-11℃;本次过程的最低气温出现在11日早晨,最低温度浙西北山区5-7℃,沿海地区9-11℃,其他地区7-9℃。   “一般在日出之前,气温会一直下降,这也就解释了为什么一天之中的最低气温通常是出现在清晨。当然,这种辐射降温过程还会受到天空状况的影响:天空云系较多的夜晚,就像是给地面盖了床被子,起到‘保暖’的作用,因而降温不太厉害;反之晴朗的夜晚,就像少盖了一层云被子,气温下降更厉害。”   10日(周四):   小雨转多云,10~14℃,东北风3-4级   11日(周五):   多云转晴,8~17℃,北风2-3级   12日(周六):   多云,10~19℃,东北风2-3级   13日(周日):   阴转多云,11~20℃,东北风2-3级   14日(周一):   多云,12~20℃,东北风2-3级   15日(周二):   多云,13~20℃,东北风2-3级相关的主题文章: