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45 years of what Mao Zedong publicly promised: if not to kill my head core tip: to the seventh, although Mao Zedong said, to prepare for the worst, to prepare all the proletariat not up, the situation does not permit the Soviet Union "," they have not had time to help us, we are difficult to come by, not far from the water save near fire "; but logically, emotionally, he believes: the Soviet Union will aid us. He said confidently, "do you believe it or not? Anyway, I believe." And hand gestures his neck, to an audience of several hundred delegates vowed promise said: "international aid must come; if not, kill my head." Mao Zedong appeared in the seven data figure in this paper: people.com.cn, author: bluestone, the original title: in 1945, Stalin ordered the Communist Party to Jiang Jieshi hand gun? Excerpt during the Anti Japanese War, Mao Zedong only twice more concentrated on the problem of Chinese revolution victory. One is in 19391940 years, another is 1945 after seven. The first time when it comes to victory, because of the outbreak of the Second World War, Britain and France and Germany and Italy as the Soviet Union’s argument is war, the imperialist war started. Since it is the imperialist war, Mao Zedong naturally want to appear like the first World War, another "great revolution in the era of change", in particular, hope that China’s emergence of a chaotic situation". He said, "at that time, the Communist Party will become the Savior of the people, such as at the National People’s CO at age." The first time so when it comes to victory, an important reason is that Mao Zedong has 500 thousand army at the beginning of the war, compared to thirty thousand or forty thousand people are already in heaven and earth. One side is the rule of the Kuomintang and the once mighty smaller, people gradually lost their power, and according to one side is growing, on the upgrade, such a strong contrast, prompting Mao Zedong to give up long-term cooperation with the KMT, CO founding "thought, put forward the new democratic ideas, began to consider the leadership of the proletariat. Replace the possibility under the leadership of the bourgeoisie. Of course, at that time, the victory of the Communist Party in fact is still far away, not only the KMT is quite strong, but also a more powerful enemy Japan needs to deal with. Therefore, although Mao Zedong extreme dissatisfaction with the KMT corruption and degeneration, opium, batten on extortions, marry a wife, Chang month hundred dollars is not good, that "in the fucking bastard hand goes on, China must perish, but he finally had to said to" endure "in one breath" when he beat Japan, we also can breath, not to mention the overthrow of Jiang Jieshi". In 1945, the seven major mention of victory, the situation is very different from the last time. Mao Zedong is very proud of: on the one hand, the Communist Party of China has 910 thousand troops, about 1200000 members, 100 million of the population of the territory, more powerful; on the other hand, in 1944 a Henan Xianggui campaign, the KMT lost hundreds of thousands of troops fly pellmell, utterly routed, Japanese from Henan city land, a gas hit Guangxi, Guizhou, just to copy the "capital" in Chongqing, not only Mao Zedong, but also from all walks of life, and even some Americans have no hope that the kuomintang. U.S. observation group stationed extended"相关的主题文章: