4hours New Music Video La La La Must Be The Music Iraq War-seaway

Music 4Hours, London Pop Rock Sensation, video for their new music track, La La La. La La La was written by Adam Sean Duff about the brave young men and women soldiers who serve on the front line for the country in conflicts such as the Afghanistan war on terrorism, the Iraq war and others. Not your typical ‘war or army song’, Adam wanted to raise awareness of the pain and angst that the soldiers face when leaving their family for the most dangerous places on Earth – the Iraq and Afghanistan war zones. The song La La La reflects the thoughts the young soldiers have whilst on active duty in war zones. The title of the song, and the specifically the chorus, La La La, has many meanings, "bla bla bla" "whatever" "up yours" things a soldier might say to the press or people who criticise them "La La La", the message can simply mean whatever you want it to, an insult, a compliment, whatever takes the mood. La La La the response to any question or to cheer you up when you are lonely or feeling down, to celebrate, or to just sing along. The chorus will resonate, motivate and cheer up everyone that joins in. So when you are on duty, off duty, at home worrying about your loved ones, feeling down, just sing the chorus, La La La. 4Hours greatly respect the men and women soldiers who put their lives on the line in Afghanistan Iraq and other countries around the world, knowing that when soldiers take time out they sit down and think of their girl, it may be there wife, girlfriend, mum or even their pet dog, but thinking of their girl gives them strength and reminds them that their loved ones are thinking of them too. Even though the rockets, bullets and enemy bullshit is messing with their heads, they know that their girl is waiting for them, just out of town. 4Hours are the New Music Pop Rock Sensation; London hasn’t seen a band like this before! 4Hours, the London Pop Rock Sensation, have been playing Live Music in London since mid 2007. The London Pop Rock Band are seen performing around the Clapham, Islington, Camden and West London areas as well as Reading Basingstoke and a live music venue near you. See more about 4Hours at ..4HoursMusic… About the Author: 相关的主题文章: