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Reference-and-Education Some of life’s most memorable moments take place in primary and secondary school. Years when we’re too young to have real responsibilities and too oblivious to have real insecurities. Hollywood has made some wonderful .edies about these years. They inspire nostalgia and remind us of a simpler time. School of Rock: School of Rock, featuring the brilliant .edian, Jack Black, is nothing short of genius. Jack Black plays a failed musician who takes freeloading off of his best mate one step too far, and pretends to be him by taking over a substitute teaching job. Within the first week of teaching these young prepsters, he be.es aware of their incredible musical talent and is determined to turn them into his new band. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is a legendary 1980s film featuring Matthew Broderick in his most celebrated role. The high school wise guy convinces his parents that he is not well enough to go to school but in actuality has an amazing day planned for himself, his girlfriend and his best friend. He only has first to get past his suspicious principal and his irritated sister. The Breakfast Club: Another film by the legendary director, John Hughes, The Breakfast Club is a cult classic. It is the story of five high school students who couldn’t be any more different, forced to get to know each other when assigned to an entire Saturday in detention. Secrets are revealed, unforeseeable love matches made and personal characters developed. Dangerous Minds: This Michelle Pfeiffer classic is perhaps less light and fluffy as the movies listed above. It tells the story of a young women, an ex-marine, who tries connect with her students from inner city schools. Up against real life struggles like gang violence, death and discouraging parents, she finds herself at a loss. Through perseverance however, she is able to connect and make a difference. High School Musical: It would be difficult to write an article about high school films and leave out this modern day hit. This trilogy was an absolute hit in the box office and addressed many trends surrounding that age group, all while keeping things light and fluffy by being a musical. School years were a time for being with friends, circling hearts around the name of your crush on your notebooks, sitting under the shade and gossiping over lunch and just generally being a kid. These are times one never gets back, so make sure that you enjoy them. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: