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摔断玉镯女游客录视频公开道歉 表示会负责赔偿





6月30日摔断手镯游客“失联”? 事发商城姐告玉城通过其官方微信公众号,隔空喊话:到目前为止,费女士不知所踪,电话失联,不正面出来解决事情,导致事情一拖再拖。希望费女士能出面正面协商解决问题。如果她对之前的评估报告存在质疑,可以按照正常的司法程序。同时,可以找一家双方都认可、具有说服力的第三方权威评估机构,重新作出评估。 对于费女士事发后便失联一事,姐告玉城实业责任有限公司总经理李月超回应,费女士种种做法和其前后不一的言辞,令他们摸不着头脑。 “她也没跟我们联系。然后打了几通电话,手机也都是关机。她一直含糊其辞的,一会儿这样,一会儿那样。我们也不知道她哪句话是真的。一开始问她哪天来的,她说是6月27日来的。后来又了解了一下,她又说是26日到的瑞丽。她又说她家里如何如何困难,是跟她另外一个朋友两个人出来散心的。结果,事情发生后又流出两个视频,一个是她在渡船上的,另一个是在一家根雕店门口的。我们也不知道她说的哪句话是真的,现在也不想去理会。” 看完,还真是一波三折。
7月3日,费女士录制了一段视频,表示会对事情负责。 摔断玉镯游客公开道歉 表示仍会赔偿 多家媒体报道称,事发之后费女士不见踪影。 一段网传视频中,费女士的朋友表示她不再进行赔偿。 这段视频拍摄于6月28日,视频中一名男子说费女士不进行赔偿,偷渡跑路了。随后媒体纷纷报道费女士失联,不再对此事负责。

随后,当事人费女士联系上了条形码, 表示自己并没有失联!

  7月3日,费女士录制了一段视频,拍摄者同样是上一段视频的拍摄者江先生,当时一起乘船的范先生也出现在了视频里。 江先生说,费女士摔坏玉镯之后心情不好,于是邀约她外出乘船游玩。自己当时说这段话是为了逗费女士开心,仅仅是个玩笑。 江先生:“没想到这段视频引起媒体关注、转载,给社会和费女士带来了不好的影响,这是我的错,在这里我郑重地向媒体公开道歉,尤其是费女士,向你说声对不起。” Broken Bracelet female tourists said video public apology will be responsible for compensation   June 27th morning Free travel in the morning, visitors to Ruili ladies travel to visit the city. Period, when trying to wear bracelets, accidentally sold Mr. Lin called 300 thousand yuan Bracelet broke. Due to excessive tension, Ms. Fei syncope on the spot, after 120 first aid, the body does not matter. June 28th By the Public Security Bureau police station commissioned Jiegao abroad, Ruili gem association gives the evaluation opinions, in June 27th the sister divisions Tamaki "jade bracelet damage" in the damaged bracelet, to assess the market value of 180 thousand, suggested by mosaic gold bracelet damage repair. Three The two sides cannot negotiate The two sides had privately negotiated, the negotiation fails after the local police under the auspices of the mediation, the owner Lin agreed a fee for 170 thousand yuan to resolve the matter, but a fee only took 10 thousand yuan, because the amount of compensation is too large, failed to reach a compensation agreement. Informed sources said, fee also want to do a judicial appraisal, she may want to solve this matter through legal channels. June 30th broke Bracelet tourists "lost contact"? The mall is the sister divisions Tamaki through its official WeChat public number, taking a loudspeaker: so far, Ms. fee missing, phone lost contact, not head out to solve things, things dragged on to. I hope Ms. Fei will come forward and negotiate the problem. If she has doubts about the previous assessment report, she can follow the normal judicial procedure. At the same time, we can find a third party authoritative evaluation institution with both sides’ approval and persuasion, and make a new assessment. For Ms. Fei after the incident lost contact, sister told Yu City Industrial Limited Liability Company general manager Li Yuechao responded, Ms. Fei various practices and their different words, so that they can not find the mind. "She didn’t contact us, either. And then made a few calls, the phone is also off. She kept mumbling, for a while, for a while. We don’t know which of her words is true. One day she began to ask, she said came in June 27th. Then I learned about it, and she added that it was the 26 day when she arrived in ruili. She said her family how difficult, she is with another friend of two people out of the house. The results, after the event and out of two videos, one is she on the ferry, the other one is in front of a store root. We do not know what she said is true, and now do not want to pay attention to." After reading, it is striking one snag after another. Recently, the event changed again! In July 3rd, Ms. fee recorded a video that said she would be responsible for the incident. Broken Bracelet tourists apologized still for a number of media reports, after the incident, Ms. fee disappeared. In a web video, Ms. Fei’s friend said she was not paying compensation. The video was taken in June 28th, and a man in the video said Ms. Fei was on the run without compensation. Subsequently, the media have reported that Ms. Fei lost contact, no longer responsible for the matter. Subsequently, the parties concerned Ms. Fei contacted the bar code, indicating that they have not lost contact! In July 3rd, Ms. fee recorded a video of the photographer who was also a video of the previous video. Mr. Fan, who was on board the boat, also appeared in the video. Mr. Jiang said, Ms. fee broke Bracelet after a bad mood, and asked her out on a cruise. I was saying it was funny to make fun of the lady, just a joke. Mr. Jiang: "I think this video has attracted media attention and reproduced, brings bad influence to the society and fee lady, this is my fault, I solemnly to the media public apology, especially for women, say sorry to you."