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GoPro fourth quarter net loss of $34 million 450 thousand: year-on-year loss to see the latest market, Sina Technology News Beijing time on February 4th morning news, motion camera manufacturer GoPro today announced the 2015 quarter of fiscal year fourth and full year earnings. The report showed that the fourth quarter revenue of GoPro was 436 million 600 thousand US dollars, 31.1% lower than that of the same period last year of 633 million 900 thousand; the net loss was 34 million 450 thousand US dollars, which was 128.2% lower than that of last year’s net profit of 122 million 300 thousand US dollars. GoPro’s fourth quarter adjusted earnings per share and revenue outlook were less than analysts had expected, pushing its after hours share price plummeted nearly 16%. In the quarter ended December 31st, the net loss of GoPro was $34 million 450 thousand, a loss of 25 cents per share, far worse than last year. In the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2014, GoPro’s net profit was $122 million 300 thousand, earnings per share was 83 cents. Excluding certain one-time items (not in accordance with GAAP), GoPro fourth quarter adjusted net loss of $11 million 400 thousand, over the same period last year, $144 million 900 thousand in adjusted net profit fell 107.9%; adjusted loss of 8 cents per share, compared to the same period last year adjusted earnings per share of 99 cents, this is not a performance analysts expected. FactSet survey of financial information providers shows that analysts expect GoPro earnings per share to be zero in the fourth quarter on average. GoPro’s fourth quarter revenue was $436 million 600 thousand, down 31.1% from $633 million 900 thousand in the same period last year, exceeding analysts’ previous expectations. Thomson Reuters survey, analysts expect GoPro average revenue of $435 million in the fourth quarter. GoPro’s gross profit margin was 29.4% in the fourth quarter, down from 47.9% in the same period last year; the gross profit rate not calculated in accordance with GAAP was 29.6%, lower than 48% in the same period last year. GoPro’s operating loss in the fourth quarter was $41 million 300 thousand, compared with $173 million 700 thousand in operating profit for the same period last year; operating loss not calculated in accordance with GAAP was $21 million 600 thousand, compared with $193 million 200 thousand in operating profit for the same period last year. GoPro adjusted EBITDA in the fourth quarter (excluding interest, tax, depreciation and amortization) was -926.8 million, compared to $202 million 900 thousand a year earlier. In the 2015 fiscal year, GoPro revenue of $1 billion 620 million, up 16.2% over the 2014 fiscal year $1 billion 394 million 200 thousand; gross profit margin was 41.6%, down from 2014 in fiscal year 45%; operating profit of $54 million 700 thousand, compared to $187 million in fiscal year 2014 fell 70.7%, accounting for the proportion of revenues was 3.4%, compared to the same period last year accounted for 13.4%. Not in accordance with GAAP, GoPro 2015 fiscal year gross margin of 41.7%, less than 2014)

GoPro第四季度净亏损3445万美元:同比转亏 查看最新行情   新浪科技讯 北京时间2月4日凌晨消息,运动摄像机厂商GoPro今天公布了2015财年第四季度及全年财报。报告显示,GoPro第四季度营收为4.366亿美元,比去年同期的6.339亿美元下滑31.1%;净亏损为3445万美元,比去年同期的净利润1.223亿美元下滑128.2%。GoPro第四季度调整后每股收益和营收展望均不及分析师此前预期,推动其盘后股价暴跌近16%。   在截至12月31日的这一财季,GoPro的净亏损为3445万美元,每股亏损为25美分,这一业绩远不及去年同期。2014财年第四季度,GoPro的净利润为1.223亿美元,每股收益为83美分。不计入某些一次性项目(不按照美国通用会计准则),GoPro第四季度调整后净亏损为1140万美元,比去年同期的调整后净利润1.449亿美元下滑107.9%;调整后每股亏损为8美分,相比之下去年同期调整后每股收益为99美分,这一业绩不及分析师此前预期。财经信息供应商FactSet调查显示,分析师平均预期GoPro第四季度每股收益为零。   GoPro第四季度营收为4.366亿美元,比去年同期的6.339亿美元下滑31.1%,超出分析师此前预期。汤森路透调查显示,分析师平均预期GoPro第四季度营收为4.35亿美元。   GoPro第四季度毛利率为29.4%,低于去年同期的47.9%;不按照美国通用会计准则计算的毛利率为29.6%,低于去年同期的48.0%。GoPro第四季度运营亏损为4130万美元,相比之下去年同期的运营利润为1.737亿美元;不按照美国通用会计准则计算的运营亏损为2160万美元,相比之下去年同期的运营利润为1.932亿美元。GoPro第四季度调整后EBITDA(即未计入利息、税项、折旧及摊销的盈利)为-926.8万美元,相比之下去年同期为2.029亿美元。   在整个2015财年,GoPro的营收为16.20亿美元,比2014财年的13.942亿美元增长16.2%;毛利率为41.6%,低于2014财年的45.0%;运营利润为5470万美元,比2014财年的1.870亿美元下滑70.7%,在营收中所占比例为3.4%,相比之下去年同期所占比例为13.4%。不按照美国通用会计准则,GoPro 2015财年毛利率为41.7%,低于2014财年的45.1%;运营利润为1.408亿美元,比2014财年的2.596亿美元下滑45.8%,在营收中所占比例为8.7%,相比之下去年同期所占比例为18.6%;调整后EBITDA为1.793亿美元,比去年同期的2.934亿美元下滑38.9%。   GoPro全年净利润为3610万美元,比2014财年的1.281亿美元下滑71.8%,每股收益为0.25美元,比2014财年的0.92美元下滑72.8%。不按照美国通用会计准则,GoPro全年净利润为1.116亿美元,比2014财年的1.890亿美元下滑40.9%,每股收益为0.76美元,比2014财年的1.32美元下滑42.4%。   GoPro预计,2016财年第一季度营收为1.6亿美元至1.8亿美元,远不及接受FactSet调查的分析师平均预期的2.91亿美元;不按照美国通用会计准则的毛利率为36%,上下浮动100个基点;不按照美国通用会计准则的运营支出为1.65亿美元至1.70亿美元,调整后EBITDA为-9500万美元,上下浮动250万美元。GoPro还预计,2016财年营收为13.50亿美元到15.00亿美元,也远不及分析师平均预期的16亿美元。   当日,GoPro股价在纳斯达克市场的常规交易中上涨0.47美元,报收于10.71美元,涨幅为4.59%。在随后截至美国东部时间17:03(北京时间4日6:03)的盘后交易中,GoPro股价下跌1.69美元,至9.02美元,跌幅为15.78%。过去52周,GoPro的最高价为65.49美元,最低价为9.90美元。(唐风)相关的主题文章: