Trump launched a new economic plan, experts say you still do not come on stage 豹情王爷我要吃掉你

Trump launched a new economic plan, experts say you still don’t come to FX168 news, Trump in 15 speech in New York, updated his economic plan. He said he would take a tough stance on trade partners and accelerate U.S. energy production through tax cuts and legislation. He said that this will make the U.S. GDP growth rate of at least 3.5%, and in ten years to create 25 million jobs, so that the U.S. standard of living once again dominate the world. Trump pointed out that the lack of economic growth is a threat to many americans. Since the end of the last recession, the U.S. economy has increased by about 2% per year. But his plan has 2 big holes, which may lead to less work. First, he opposes free trade and supports punitive tariffs, which may raise prices and cause depression. Second, he wanted to limit immigration, and most economists felt that legal immigrants were good for the workforce. Mainstream economists attacked his plan. Moodie analysts expect that Trump’s ruling will cause 7 million jobs to drain, and U.S. stocks will drop by 12%. Economists at the University of Oxford point out that Trump’s plan will shrink GDP by 5%, and the U.S. economy will lose $1 trillion. Even economists who support Trump say they need to make specific analysis of developments. Of course, Trump always ignored experts. More exciting content, welcome to pay attention to WeChat public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).

特朗普推出新经济计划 专家称您还是别上台FX168讯 特朗普于15日在纽约发表讲话,更新了他的经济计划。他表示会通过削减税收和立法,对贸易伙伴采取强硬态度和加速美国能源生产。他表示,这会让美国GDP的增长率至少达到3.5%,以及在十年内创造2500万个工作岗位,让美国的生活标准再次称霸世界。特朗普指出,经济增长乏力对很多美国人是威胁。自从上次萧条结束以来,美国经济每年增长大约2%。不过他的计划有2个巨大的漏洞,可能反而造成工作减少。第一,他反对自由贸易并支持惩罚性关税,这可能让物价飞涨并造成萧条。第二,他希望限制移民,而大多数经济学家觉得合法移民有益劳动力构成。主流经济学家都抨击了他的计划。穆迪分析师预期,特朗普执政会使700万个工作岗位流失,美股也会下跌12%。牛津大学的经济学家指出,特朗普的计划会让GDP萎缩5%,美国经济将损失1万亿美元。甚至支持特朗普的经济学家也表示需要就事态发展而具体分析。当然,特朗普一向对专家是不以为然的。 更多精彩内容欢迎搜索关注微信公众号:腾讯财经(financeapp)。相关的主题文章: