Holiday approaching uninterested investors cautious sentiment prevailed 秋浦歌的意思

Holiday approaching uninterested investors cautious sentiment prevailed: Sina App live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money, the reporter Zhang Yi Jian Ming editor near the National Day holiday, Shanghai refers to near 3000 points over a narrow range, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two City Trading back "and" level. Yesterday, the Shanghai stock market turnover to hit more than 4 month low. Zhengbao reporter recently visited a number of brokerage business department found that the investment mentality of investors before the holiday is generally cautious. Visit, most investors said that before the festival will not be gallon, and choose to maintain a low position, to be followed by the operation of the investors are not a few. The stock market has many years of experience in investment in Shenzhen Zhao told reporters that her two weeks ago because of a considerable degree of stock losses and liquidation, the current "flesh" positions maintained at a relatively low level of 1/3. Because of the hand to hold the stock Jiancang time longer, floating profit is considerable, she intends to temporarily maintain the status quo, to the festival according to the evolution of prices to cover or transfer positions to consider whether. Some investors also told reporters that due to plans to travel and purchase real estate during the national day, they will choose to lighten up before the holiday to supplement the cash flow. The cautious sentiment of pre – term investors has also been verified by a number of securities dealers. Beijing, a brokerage business department manager said, compared to the second half of last year, this year the bank’s business department is relatively stable, recently did not decline significantly. However, the current market upward and downward direction is not clear, the stock index around 3000 points the same stock of the game pattern of repeated shocks, and by the real estate caused by blood effect or affect the stock market, the majority of customers psychological investment are more cautious. After the market is expected to come out of the bottom still need some time, suggested that the investor asset allocation channels, or short-term fund to invest money and other products to avoid the risk. As far as the current investment preference of the clients is concerned, there is not much cash in the small and medium size retail securities accounts, most of which are heavily or fully held. And most of the idle funds in the account, mostly to invest in low risk monetary products." A broker in a brokerage firm in Southern China said. It is worth noting that, despite the recent continued "chicken ribs" market, investor sentiment tends to be cautious, but the market outlook, investors are not too pessimistic, there are still a lot of people choose to holding festivals. Investment novice Zhang told the Shanghai Press reporter, recently, his own two stocks are always not up or down, there are more than 15% of the losses. And your account has only a total of 3 and 40 thousand, so the stock is a big probability event for him, hope "the hands of the stock could rise after the loss back a bit". A person in Shenzhen, a large brokerage also said that the shock in the city, the market has returned to a performance oriented, recommended that investors pay more attention to the structural market in a weak market. Another analyst said that in October the RMB will be officially joined SDR, expected November opening of the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the superposition, suggest that investors on holiday market should not be too pessimistic. Sina statement: this news is reprinted from Sina cooperation media, Sina theory

长假临近无心恋战 投资者谨慎情绪占上风 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 新股申购:股市最简单捡钱方式   ⊙记者 张忆 ○编辑 剑鸣   临近国庆假期,沪指于3000点附近反复窄幅震荡,沪深两市交投也回到“地量”水平,昨日沪市成交额至创下逾4个月新低。上证报记者近日走访多家券商营业部发现,节前投资者的投资心态普遍偏于谨慎。   走访中,多数投资者表示节前不会加仓,而选择保持较低仓位、待节后再进行操作的投资者也不在少数。有多年股市投资经验的深圳赵女士告诉记者,她两周前因为某股票亏损程度颇大而“割肉”斩仓,目前持仓量维持在三分之一的较低水平。而由于手中所持股票建仓时间较长,浮盈情况较为可观,她暂时打算保持现状,待节后根据行情演变再作是否补仓或调仓的考虑。   也有部分投资者向记者表示,因计划在国庆期间旅游和购置房产,他们会在节前选择减仓以补充现金流。   节前投资者的谨慎情绪也得到了多位券商人士的验证。北京某券商营业部的客户经理称,相较于去年下半年,今年以来其所在营业部的开户情况较为稳定,近期也没有出现明显的下滑。不过,目前市场向上向下方向不明确,沪指围绕3000点反复震荡的存量博弈格局未变,加之由房地产引发的“抽血”效应或波及股市,当前大多数客户的投资心理都是比较谨慎的。预计节后市场走出底部还需要一定的时间,建议投资者多渠道进行资产配置,短期或可投向货币基金等产品以规避风险。   “就目前客户的投资偏好来看,中小散户证券账户中的现金并不会太多,大部分都是重仓或满仓持股。而大部分账户内的闲置资金,多是投向风险较低的货币型产品。”一华南地区某券商的经纪业务负责人如是说。   值得注意的是,虽然近期一直延续“鸡肋”行情,投资者情绪明显趋于谨慎,但对于后市,投资者并没有过于悲观,还是有不少人选择持股过节。   投资新手小章告诉上证报记者,近来自己重仓的两只股票总是不涨不跌,目前都各有15%以上的亏损。而自己账户总共也只有3、4万,所以持股对于他来说是个大概率事件,希望“节后手中的亏损股票能涨回来一点”。   深圳某大型券商的一位人士也表示,震荡市中,市场已重回以业绩为主导,建议投资者在弱市中多关注结构性行情。另有分析人士表示,10月份人民币将正式加入SDR,叠加11月份深港通的开通预期,建议投资者对节后行情不宜过分悲观。 新浪声明:此消息系转载自新浪合作媒体,新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: