Gold on Monday fell 1.7% to close at $1210.1 an ounce 万里长城永不倒原唱

Gold on Monday fell 1.7% to close at $1210.1 an ounce U.S. stock market center: exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants Stocks – 23 am Beijing time, Monday, gold futures prices fell sharply. Analysts believe that investors interested in the stock market rose and other risk assets, is the main cause of the price of gold fell for the first time in four trading days. Gold futures at the New York Mercantile Exchange in April fell $20.70, or 1.7%, to $1210.10 an ounce. Silver futures fell 18.9 cents, or 1.2%, to $15.184 an ounce in March. German commercial bank analyst said in the research report, the background of the decline in gold prices is "the beginning of this week, the market environment has increased risk appetite characteristics."". With the price of gold fell, stocks rose sharply, crude oil futures prices also rose. European stock markets are closed on Monday. On Monday, the dollar / sterling and euro exchange rate rose sharply, CMC Markets, chief market strategist Colin Shinseki (Colin Cieszynski) – Qi said: "the capital outflow of hedge investment products, including the dollar denominated gold." Another important reason for the fall in gold prices, Shinseki said, was the "normal technical pullback" after last week’s rise". Gold prices have risen by about 1.9% in the past three trading days, but declined by about 0.7% in the previous week. German commercial bank analysts pointed out that last Friday, gold ETF appeared in 2011 October after the largest single day capital inflows. As Forex and City Index two companies technical analyst wade tawfeeq Zada (Fawad method Razaqzada) said: "the overall trend is still bullish for gold, gold is still at $1190 an ounce to $1200 or more support." But not everyone is so bullish on gold prospects. On Monday, Lamoureux & Co, company president Eve – Lamuro (Yves Lamoureux) said that his marketing consulting company will have at the end of the price target from $1000 an ounce, down $850. Lamuro said that the market once a short panic, people fled the stock market, gold and other hedge investment products. But it’s not the economic downturn, it’s caused by crowd behavior, and traders are flocking to unnecessary exports." "We think people will calm down and go back to the stock market," he said." Other metals futures, March refined copper futures prices rose 3.9 cents or 1.9%, to close at $2.115 per pound. Platinum futures fell 17.80 dollars or 1.9% in April to close at $927.80 an ounce. March palladium futures prices fell 40 cents or 0.1%, to close at $498.65 an ounce. (Zhang Jun)

黄金周一收跌1.7%收报每盎司1210.1美元 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   新浪美股讯 北京时间23日凌晨,周一黄金期货价格大幅收跌。分析师认为,投资者对股市与其他风险资产的兴趣大涨,是造成金价在四个交易日来首次下跌的主要原因。 金饰展览   纽约商品交易所4月交割的黄金期货价格下跌20.70美元或1.7%,收于每盎司1210.10美元。3月白银期货价格下跌18.9美分或1.2%,收于每盎司15.184美元。   德国商业银行分析师在研报中表示,金价下跌的背景是“本周初期市场环境出现了风险偏好提高的特点”。   随着金价收跌,美股大幅攀升,原油期货价格同样大涨。周一亚欧股市也都收高。   周一美元兑英镑与欧元汇率大幅攀升,CMC Markets首席市场策略师科林-契辛斯基(Colin Cieszynski)表示:“资本流出避险投资产品,其中包括以美元计价的黄金。”   契辛斯基称,黄金价格下跌的另一个重要原因是上周上涨之后的“正常的技术性回调”。过去三个交易日内黄金价格上涨约1.9%,但上周全周下跌约0.7%。   德国商业银行分析师指出,上周五黄金ETF出现了2011年10月份之后的最大单日资金流入。   兼任Forex与City Index两家公司技术分析师的法瓦德-拉扎克扎达(Fawad Razaqzada)表示:“黄金的整体趋势仍然看涨,目前金价仍然处在每盎司1190美元至1200美元支撑位以上。”   但并不是所有人都如此看好黄金前景。   周一,Lamoureux & Co公司总裁伊芙斯-拉穆罗(Yves Lamoureux)表示,他的市场咨询公司已经将年底金价目标从每盎司1000美元下调为850美元。   拉穆罗称,市场一度出现短暂的恐慌,人们纷纷逃离股市、追捧黄金等避险投资产品。但“这并不是经济不景气造成的,而是由于人群行为造成的��交易商们涌向不必要的出口。”他表示:“我们认为,人们会平静下来并重返股市。”   其他金属期货方面,3月精铜期货价格上涨3.9美分或1.9%,收于每磅2.115美元。4月铂金期货价格下跌17.80美元或1.9%,收于每盎司927.80美元。3月钯金期货价格下跌40美分或0.1%,收于每盎司498.65美元。(张俊)相关的主题文章: