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Does S7 S7Edge support waterproofing? Official video came out – Sohu digital media reports, Samsung officially announced invitations, will be held on the 21 day of this month, press conference, officially launched the annual flagship product Galaxy  S7 and S7  Edge. Samsung Indonesia official recently released a video display, S7 and S7  Edge or will support waterproof function. S7 support S7Edge waterproof (pictures from cnBeta) released Samsung Indonesia official name for the #TheNextGalaxy day before the video display, the content is likely to be Galaxy  S7 S7  Edge, although did not show too much detail and design, but from the looks and the existing S6 product line is not much difference, but the video part of the new flagship rain have waterproof function. S7 S7Edge supports waterproof (pictures from cnBeta), if the message is true, the device will have IP68 level waterproof, SIM card MicroSD Kaka slot will be located at the top of the fuselage. In addition, the foreign media Phone  Probe also pointed out that the Samsung Indonesia web page represents Galaxy  S7 can simultaneously "control the day and night", indicating that the camera in low light environment also has a good performance. Earlier news said, Samsung Galaxy  S7 and S7  Edge released on 21, the plan will be launched on March 11th. And Galaxy  S7 S7  Edge after listing, the official price may be 699.99 euros (about 4763.6 yuan) 799.99 euros (about 5444.1 yuan). S7 S7Edge支持防水?官方视频都出来了-搜狐数码  据外媒报道,三星官方发布邀请函显示,即将在本月21日举行发布会,正式推出年度旗舰产品Galaxy S7以及S7 Edge。而三星印尼官方日前放出一则视频显示,S7以及S7 Edge或将支持防水功能。   S7 S7Edge支持防水(图片来自cnbeta)   三星印尼官方日前放出的视频名称为#TheNextGalaxy,内容所展示的极有可能是Galaxy S7 S7 Edge,尽管并未呈现太多的细节和设计,但是从外观上来看和现有的S6产品线没有太大的差别,而视频中雨中的部分说明新旗舰具备防水功能。   S7 S7Edge支持防水(图片来自cnbeta)   如果消息属实,该设备都将具备IP68级别防水,SIM卡 MicroSD卡卡槽将会位于机身顶部。此外外媒Phone Probe同时也指出三星印尼网页上表示Galaxy S7能够同时“驾驭白天和黑夜”,表明相机在低光环境下也也有很好的表现。   早前消息称,三星Galaxy S7以及S7 Edge在21日发布之后,计划将于3月11日开始发售。而Galaxy S7 S7 Edge在上市之后官方售价可能为699.99欧元(约合4763.6元) 799.99欧元(约合5444.1元)。相关的主题文章: