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Li Huifen: about HK $4.04 to buy bewg Sina App: Live on-line blogger of Hong Kong stocks through market mechanism guidance level2 cards bewg (00371-HK) from the parent company Beikong group purchased the Beijing municipal engineering design and Research Institute, wastewater treatment project to the development of high profits, the price is expected to rise. However, it is difficult to increase industrial wastewater treatment projects at present. Expect can have more environmental NPC and CPPCC policies issued, support for wastewater treatment development, while in the last year, including policies to 2020, project ratio to 85% and 95%, the proportion of sludge treatment to 90%, support for PPP and the three party processing city wastewater increased, will have more expectations for industry mergers and acquisitions opportunities. Previously, the Ministry of housing, urban and rural construction and the Ministry of environmental protection jointly announced the results of the investigation of the city’s black and odorous water bodies. As of February 16th, 295 black water bodies were not found in 77 cities above the prefecture level in china. In the remaining 218 cities, a total of 1861 black and odorous water bodies were identified. Among them, 1595 rivers, accounting for 85.7%; lake and pond 266, accounting for 14.3%. The geographical distribution features from south to the north of the. There are 1197 in South China, accounting for 64.3%; 664 in North China, accounting for 35.7%. 60% of the black and odorous water bodies are distributed in the southeast coastal areas and relatively developed areas. The number of Guangdong black smelly water up to 242 top, Anhui, Shandong in 217, 159 in second and third. The two department requires that the local urban and rural construction and environmental protection departments should urge the local government to continue to deepen the investigation work, and timely report the black smelly water found in the new investigation through the "national urban black smelly water remediation supervision platform" reported to the Ministry of housing and urban construction. Before the end of February, complete remediation black odor water remediation deadline and responsible information work, the completion of overdue will interview the city government responsible person, and as a "sub buckle water pollution prevention action plan" annual assessment. As a result of capacity expansion and engineering profits, the author believes that the core profit of the whole water sector in 2015 increased by 30% annually. Bewg (00371-HK) main business management services, including water treatment water environmental governance construction and technical services. The coverage of group waterworks has been extended to 18 provinces, 2 autonomous regions and 3 municipalities in mainland china. As the stock price in October last year has dropped from a high of nearly half, is now buying water stocks opportunity, coupled with the National People’s Congress on March, will bring positive catalyst, will also benefit for soil pollution prevention plan and the 13th Five-Year plan. For investors of about HK $4.04 to buy bewg (00371-HK), by the group for the industry leading position, short-term profit target of HK $4.80. If you want to watch Related videos, please select FinTV into Sina Financial shares

李慧芬:4.04港元左右买入北控水务 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 港股level2行情 翻看机构底牌 北控水务(00371-HK) 受惠母公司北控集团购北京市市政工程设计研究总院,助其发展较高利润的废水处理项目,股价有望上升。只不过公司目前正在较困难的经营情况下,难以增加工业废水处理项目。期望两会可有更多环保相关政策的发放,支持废水处理发展,而在去年,相关政策包括至2020年,增加城市废水处理项目比例至85%及95%、污泥处理比例至90%、支持PPP及第三方处理等,预期将令行业有更多收购合併的机会出现。 此前住房城乡建设部和环境保护部联合公布全国城市黑臭水体排查结果。截至2月16日,在全国295座地级以上城市中,77座城市没有发现黑臭水体。在其余218座城市中,共排查出黑臭水体1,861个。其中,河流1,595条,佔85.7%;湖、塘266个,佔14.3%。地域分布呈现南多北少的特点。南方地区有1,197个,佔64.3%;北方地区有664个,佔35.7%。60%的黑臭水体分布在东南沿海、经济相对发达地区。广东黑臭水体数量最多,以242个居首,安徽、山东以217个、159个居第二、第三位。两部门要求,各地住房城乡建设和环境保护部门要督促当地政府继续深化排查工作,及时将新排查发现的黑臭水体通过「全国城市黑臭水体整治监管平台」上报住房城乡建设部。2月底前,完成完善黑臭水体整治完成期限、整治责任人等信息工作,逾期未完成的将约谈城市政府负责人,並作为《水污染防治行动计划》年度考核的扣分项。 因產能扩张及工程所得利润,笔者认为整体水务股2015年核心利润按年增加30%。北控水务(00371-HK)主要业务包括经营水处理服务、水环境治理建造及技术服务。集团水厂之覆盖已扩展至遍及中国大陆18个省、2个自治区及3个直辖市。隨著股价去年10月从高位已下跌接近一半,现时为买入水务股良机,加上全国人大会议於3月展开,届时可带来正面催化剂,亦可受惠於土壤污染防治规划及十三五计划出台。建议投资者於4.04港元左右买入北控水务(00371-HK),因集团於行业佔领先地位,短线获利目標4.80港元。 【若想观看相关视频,请选择FinTV】 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: