2015 global gold demand 4212 tons, down 4% 伊春职业学院

2015 years of global gold demand 4212 tons of supply down 4% FX168 News World Gold Association (WGC) on Tuesday (2 11) released 2015 in the last quarter of the gold trend report, the report shows that the second half of last year despite the global gold demand rebounded, but did not change the total demand of the base year. The report pointed out that in 2015, the global total demand for gold was 4212 tons, basically flat with 2014. The WGC report showed that central banks continued to increase their holdings of gold to diversify their assets in 2015, with a total of 588.4 tons, second only to 2013’s record of 625.5 tons. Especially in the second half of last year, the central bank holdings accelerated, while the central bank holdings in the fourth quarter was 25% year on year growth. Alistair Hewitt, director of WGC market information, said that after the sharp rise in gold prices early this year, the gold demand for the year optimistic, investors in the stock market volatility and global recession may be in the situation, will choose hedging. Hewitt said: "the demand for real gold will continue to be supported by central bank buying, as well as by China and India, the global demand for gold, gold bars and gold coins. So far this year, the gold market investment demand is very strong, the stock market performance is weak, while the gold price outstanding." In 2015, the gold supply decreased by 4% to 4258 tons, mainly affected by the gold ore output. WGC pointed out that the output of gold ore in the fourth quarter has declined for the first time since 2008. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

2015年全球黄金需求4212吨 供应量同比降4%   FX168讯 世界黄金协会(WGC)在周四(2月11日)发布了2015年第四季度黄金趋势报告,报告显示,尽管去年下半年全球黄金需求有所回升,但全年需求总量基本上没有变化。   报告指出,2015年全年全球黄金总需求4212吨,基本上和2014年持平。   WGC报告显示,各国央行在2015年继续增持黄金以多样化资产,总计增持588.4吨,仅次于2013年创下记录的625.5吨。   尤其是去年下半年,各国央行增持速度加快,而第四季度各国央行的增持量更是有25%的同比增长。   WGC市场信息主管Alistair Hewitt表示,在今年年初金价的大幅上涨后,对今年全年黄金需求看好,投资者们在股市波动且全球可能陷入衰退的情况下,会选择避险。   Hewitt表示:“后市实物黄金需求会继续受到央行买盘以及中国和印度引领下,全球金饰金条和金币需求的支撑。今年至今,黄金市场的投资需求是非常强劲的,股市表现疲软,而金价表现突出。”   2015年全年黄金供应量下降4%至4258吨,主要受到黄金矿产量影响。WGC指出,四季度黄金矿产量出现了2008年以来的第一次下降。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: