Banks attract customers through spring festival envelopes to promote mobile banking clients 胜狮场站

The Spring Festival Red Bank to draw customers to promote mobile phone banking client Beijing daily news (reporter Meng Fanxia) near the Spring Festival, Alipay, WeChat, micro-blog Internet agency red war smoke, commercial banks also grab red apple, not resigned to playing second fiddle, mobile phone, tablet computer, bullion, charge calls gifts and other activities to attract the attention of the crowd. However, many of the banking activities are launched in the WeChat public number, and then guide customers to mobile banking and other clients to operate. China Merchants Bank launched a public number on the front wheel of fortune, but it must be the new requirements, China Merchants Bank download mobile phone bank customers can participate in the lottery, mobile phone number is the only cash vouchers, after winning to login mobile phone bank within 24 hours to verify the award. ICBC financial e for prepaid recharge relief, make spring disc activities required to operate in the mobile phone bank, which make disk activity needs to pay attention to "ICBC financial e for public number, every day can have the opportunity to draw 3 times, and through the game, invite friends and other ways to increase the opportunity to draw, draw after the need for change in the mobile phone bank. The purpose of the bank design is not only to repay the customers, but also to promote their own mobile banking clients during the Spring Festival season. According to the bank rate network, 60% of users of mobile payment is the most commonly used third party payment, only 32% of people choose mobile phone bank. In the view of analysts, WeChat bank in recent years of rapid development, but due to security considerations, the bank will not take financial transfers and other services, placed in the WeChat bank, WeChat bank, although it has become important publicity, customer advisory positions, but it is difficult to bring financial transactions, and WeChat now has CAITONG, transfer the function, the two sides formed a certain degree of competition, therefore, will gradually lead to mobile phone banking customers become the main trend of the banks in the future. Prior to this, CCB had returned its account change notification service to mobile banking. The rate of the financial research center of financial analyst Li Xianrui pointed out that the bank channel change is in order to better retain users. With the rapid development of Internet finance, the banking industry is not only facing the competition of the same industry, but also facing the competition of Internet financial companies, especially in the field of mobile payment. In the past year, the rapid development of the third party payment, not only online channels online also actively expand take cities and seize territory, and in many supermarkets, convenience stores, shopping malls, markets, and even the roadside stalls. Facing more and more diverse, differentiated and personalized user needs, banks need to be more close to user needs, improve service convenience and efficiency, and pay more attention to security. Only in this way can the users be more satisfied with the bank. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

银行借春节红包拉拢客户 推广手机银行客户端   北京商报讯(记者 孟凡霞)临近春节,支付宝、微信、微博互联网机构红包大战硝烟弥漫,商业银行也不甘示弱,抢红包、苹果手机、平板电脑、金条,充话费送礼等活动吸引众人眼球。然而,许多银行活动都是在微信公众号发出宣传,然后将客户引导至手机银行等客户端进行操作。   招商银行公众号日前推出了幸运转盘活动,但该行要求,必须是新下载招商银行手机银行的客户才能参与,抽奖手机号是兑换惟一凭证,中奖后要在24小时内登录手机银行进行验证领奖。工商银行融e行的话费充值减免、新春大赚盘活动也要求在手机银行进行操作,其中大赚盘活动需关注“工银融e行”公众号,每天可有3次抽奖机会,并能通过游戏、邀请好友等方式增加抽奖机会,抽中之后也需要在手机银行进行兑换。   银行这样设计的目的不仅是回馈客户,更是借春节旺季推广自己的手机银行客户端。根据银率网的调查,60%的用户最常用的移动支付方式是第三方支付,只有32%的人选择了手机银行。   在分析人士看来,微信银行近年来快速发展,但出于安全性等方面的考虑,银行不会把理财、转账等业务放置在微信银行中,微信银行虽然成为了重要的宣传、客户咨询阵地,但难以带来金融交易,并且微信如今也有了理财通、转账等功能,双方形成了一定程度的竞争,因此,将客户逐步引导至手机银行成为未来各家银行的主要趋势。此前,建设银行就曾将账户变动通知服务回归至手机银行。   银率金融研究中心理财分析师李先瑞指出,银行渠道之变是为了更好地留住用户。随着互联网金融的蓬勃发展,银行业不仅面对同业的竞争,还要面临互联网金融类公司的竞争,特别是在移动支付领域。   过去一年中,第三方支付的迅猛发展,不仅在线上渠道攻城略地,在线下也积极拓展,进驻了很多超市、便利店、商场,甚至菜市场、路边摊。面对越来越多样化、差异化、个性化的用户需求,银行需要更加贴近用户需求、提高服务便捷性和效率,同时更加重视安全性。只有这样,用户才能对银行有更高的满意度。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: