Analysis the battle may be as long as one or two months 黑河学院教务

Analysis: the battle may be as long as one or two months, yesterday, you must have been shocked by the crash? To tell the truth, Da brother was shocked too. Stock index opened lower yesterday, the most fell more than 44 points, to 3041 points. Until the afternoon, the market recovered slightly, or ultimately stock index fell 17.55 points, to 3068.33 points. And this time triggered the diving, but also a bad rumor. In fact, yesterday as "brother in total number (micro signal: daoda1997)" the early assessment of this article, has been rumored to you for the prompt. According to media reports, China Insurance Regulatory Commission issued a draft, intends to further tighten the high current prices of products, and for the first time on the market high insurance products to ensure that interest rates limit. The report also pointed out that, according to CICC estimates, A shares market about 600 billion yuan of funds from universal insurance. If the relevant new regulations need to be implemented, the 600 billion yuan funds will gradually withdraw from the stock market within five years. In the morning, when he saw the news, he also thought it was a bad thing. Due to the urgency of time, it is too late to do in-depth research and verification, so that the news has adverse effects on the market, worthy of attention. So yesterday morning, many investors, including institutions, were scared. From the early market performance, stock index opened 12 points, then selling continuously, with many "blood" chips kill out. Yesterday, the market spent half a day, only gradually digested the bad rumors, the tail stock index rebounded. But even so, Da brother wants to talk about the black swan event. First of all, for 600 billion yuan universal insurance funds withdraw from the stock market rumors, now back in mind, is indeed rumored to be waist. 600 billion yuan is only the actual measurement data, only a few reports of simple addition and multiplication, really know how much? So, I think, for this irresponsible rumor mongers, we must strike hard! Secondly, after yesterday’s closing, the CIRC passed the official channel, the rumor was rumor. China Insurance Regulatory Commission said that the above rumors are untrue, the new regulations of insurance products are still in the opinion, and hope that the public will be formally issued by the regulatory authorities documents prevail. In fact, this rumor, as early as the night before the media has been reported, yesterday morning to continue to spread, and then the stock market volatility. As an authoritative department, why can’t the China Insurance Regulatory Commission declare the rumor before opening? After yesterday’s toss, the market may have digested bad rumors. Therefore, for the future, Da brother believes that the market may return to the battle of the year line entanglement. For the battle of the year line, it should not be a quick victory or defeat, it may be as long as one or two months. So when appropriate, adjust some positions, do some high throw bargain hunting, but also help to keep a good attitude. You know, if you do not reduce part of the positions in advance, and today there are 80% or even full warehouse, then encountered in early trading that crash, it must be more suffering. And then, I’m not going to fix the trend, keep the previous idea, and keep the position unchanged. CSI 300 index position reference; 分析:年线争夺战可能长达一两个月时间 昨天,大家一定被盘中的大跌吓坏了吧?说实话,达哥也被吓了一跳。 沪指昨日低开低走,最多下跌超过44点,至3041点。直到下午,市场才略微缓过劲来,最终沪指还是下跌17.55点,以3068.33点报收。 而这一次引发大盘跳水的,又是一则利空传闻。其实,昨天达哥在“道达号(微信号:daoda1997)”的早评文章中,已经对这则传闻给大家进行了提示。 据媒体报道,保监会下发了征求意见稿,拟进一步收紧高现价产品,并首次对市场上居高不下的保险产品保证利率做限制。报道还指出,根据中金公司的测算,A股市场约有6000亿元资金来自万能险。若相关新规要实施,这6000亿元资金将在五年内逐步撤离股市。 早上,达哥看到这个消息的时候,也觉得是一个利空。由于时间紧迫,也来不及做深入的研究和核实,因此认为这个消息对市场有不利影响,值得大家高度关注。所以,昨天早晨,相信包括机构在内的很多投资者,都被吓得不轻。而从早盘市场表现来看,沪指低开12点,接下来抛盘不断,很多带“血”的筹码杀了出来。 昨天,市场花费了大半天时间,才逐渐消化了这一利空传闻,尾市股指有所回升。但即便如此,达哥还是想对这次“黑天鹅”事件谈两点看法。 首先,对于6000亿元万能险资金撤离股市的传闻,现在回想起来,确实是被传闻闪了腰。6000亿元实际只是测算的数据而已,个别报道中就只简单做加法和乘法,真的知道具体有多少吗?所以,我认为对于这种不负责任的造谣者,一定要严打! 其次,在昨天收盘之后,保监会通过官方渠道,对上述传闻进行了辟谣。保监会表示,上述传闻不实,保险产品新规还在征求意见中,希望社会公众以监管部门正式发布的文件为准。 实际上,这个传闻,早在前天晚上就已经有媒体报道了,昨天早晨继续传播,随后股市大幅波动。作为权威部门,为什么保监会不能在开盘前辟谣? 经过昨天的折腾,市场可能已经消化了利空传闻。因此,对于后市,达哥认为行情可能重新回到年线争夺战的纠缠中来。对于年线争夺战,应该不会很快分出胜负,有可能长达一两个月时间。 所以适当的时候,调整部分仓位,做一些高抛低吸,对自己维持良好的心态也有帮助。要知道,如果不提前减少部分仓位,今天都还有八成甚至满仓,那么遇到早盘的那种大跌时,一定更加煎熬。接下来,我依然不对趋势的判断做修正,继续维持此前的观点,仓位也保持不变。 沪深300指数仓位参考 昨日仓位:五成 今日仓位计划:五成(不变) 特别说明: 一、本仓位是结合趋势研究,设置的非实盘仓位参考,不作为买卖依据,请注意投资风险。 二、本仓位跟踪标的为沪深300指数,以实现对指数量化跟踪,避免持仓个股差异影响效果。 (张道达)大势解读,牛股捕捉,尽在微信号【凤凰证券】或者【ifengstock】  盘后剖析A股走势,指点明日走势,请关注微信号【复盘大师】或【fupan588】  股票早餐,股市内参,涨停股预测,尽在微信号【A股情报】或【agqb888】 相关的主题文章: