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"Forensic Qin Ming" on Zhang Ruoyun lyrics sing again "powder" – Sichuan channel — original title: Zhang Ruoyun lyrics sing again "powder" Zhang Ruoyun in the hit series "sparrow" in the "line", Zhang Ruoyun once again by the seamless screen, he starred in the drama "forensic forensic Guoneishoubu industry Qin Ming" launched yesterday, which was adapted from forensic Qin Ming literary works "Eleventh fingers", Zhang Ruoyun in the play will be the first challenge in a corner of forensic, netizens joked: "acting coquettish bitch is always finding this handsome / K-drama role to seduce me, think of Yuhuang with a scalpel. There is little frozen chicken spicy." The forensic professional show "forensic Qin Ming" in Qin Ming perspective, tells the story called "ghost Buddha" forensic Qin Ming (Zhang Ruoyun ornaments) and Lin Tao (Li Xianshi), Interpol captain Intern Zhao Dabao (Jiao Junyan ornaments), use their own professional knowledge from the traces and began to chase the truth, cracked one by one a case, and catch the deep hidden behind the scenes in the story. Many industries in the original forensic professional show is the highlight of this drama, director Xu Ang said that the drama scenes are re built, even a few shots of the sewers, will rearrange the pursuit of realistic and not deliberately rendering bloody. For the first time in forensic medicine, Zhang Ruoyun did enough homework. "At that time, we have been to the local public security forensic liaison, went to the scene of their anatomy, and then ask them to learn some professional knowledge, the scene was very scary. But after the film, I also got hooked on mystery novels, and I also respected the profession of forensic medicine." In addition to starring, Zhang Ruoyun also sang the show’s song "immortal", and for the first time in the song lyrics, "words lie rumors deception story hidden abyss" is his heart stab. Zhang Ruoyun said that the lyrics were inspired by his understanding of the characters and the drama, and hoped to restore the original description of the characters as much as possible. Don’t give yourself qualified type from throughout the entire summer "nine? Sky" in the "cosmetic contact lenses" Yuhuang, hit Spy Drama "sparrow" in the strong men of God, to "Qin Ming" in forensic forensic wise, Zhang Ruoyun this year has been in different types of roles between the shuttle, which he said: "as long as I was interested in the role, I will have a try. I think it is, when you played the role of each is to think, before their own savings and real feelings released when the role ended, come back reflection, it may be the real growth." Hit the "sparrow", Zhang Ruoyun’s award-winning acting, he admitted that he was happy to be sure, "my personal understanding of the spy drama is actually a stalemate in the struggle between emotional and rational state, this is the most interesting place, there are a lot of time to plot more refined, ability is quite a test the actor." Zhang Ruoyun also said: "after the audience and market awareness should be done, is to enhance their business level.". An actor is a wanderer between different characters. Acting like a topic is more important." (commissioning editor: Zhang Hua dimension, high)

《法医秦明》开播张若昀作词献唱再“吸粉”–四川频道–人民网 原标题:张若昀作词献唱再“吸粉”   张若昀   在热播剧《麻雀》中“下线”后,张若昀再次无缝霸屏,由他领衔主演的国内首部法医行业剧《法医秦明》昨日起开播,该剧改编自法医秦明文学作品《第十一根手指》,张若昀在剧中将首次挑战法医一角,有网友调侃称:“演技派的妖艳贱货总爱挑这种帅死人不偿命的角色勾引我,想起羽皇拿手术刀的样子,真有辣么一点小鸡冻呢。”   有关法医的专业呈现   《法医秦明》以秦明的视角展开,讲述了人称“鬼手佛心”的法医秦明(张若昀 饰)与刑警队长林涛(李现 饰)、实习生赵大宝(焦俊艳 饰)一起,运用自己的专业知识从蛛丝马迹开始追逐真相,破获了一个又一个案子,并抓出深深隐藏在幕后的黑手的故事。原著中诸多法医行业的专业呈现是这部剧的最大看点,导演徐昂表示,剧中多处场景都是重新搭建的,哪怕一处用不了几个镜头的下水道,也会重新布置,追求逼真的同时不会刻意渲染血腥。   首次出演法医,张若昀做足了功课。“当时我们一直在跟当地公安的法医部门保持联系,去看了他们解剖的现场,然后跟他们学习了一些专业的知识,现场还是挺吓人的。不过拍完这部戏后我也迷上了悬疑小说,对法医这份职业也更加尊重了。”   除了担纲主演,张若昀还演唱了该剧的片尾曲《不灭》,并首次尝试作词,歌曲中“遗言谎言传言欺骗,故事暗藏深渊”可谓字字戳心。张若昀透露,歌词灵感来源于他对角色及剧集的理解,希望尽可能还原原著对人物的描写。   不给自己限定类型   从贯穿了整个暑期档的《九州?天空城》中的“美瞳”羽皇、热播谍战剧《麻雀》中的坚毅男神,到《法医秦明》中的睿智法医,张若昀今年一直在不同类型的角色间穿梭,对此他表示:“只要是我自己感兴趣的角色,我都会去尝试。实在点来说,我觉得演每个角色的时候是把自己之前的思考、积蓄和真情实感释放掉,角色结束的时候,再回过来反思,可能才是真正成长的时候。”   热播的《麻雀》中,张若昀的演技备受好评,他坦言,自己很开心能得到肯定,“我个人理解谍战剧其实是在情感与理性之间挣扎的一个胶着的状态,这是最好玩的地方,有很多时候需要情节更加细化,还挺考验演员的能力的。”   张若昀还表示:“被观众和市场认知之后应该做的,就是提升自己的业务水平。演员就是在不同角色之间的流浪者,演得好比话题多更重要。” (责编:章华维、高红霞)相关的主题文章: