The driver suspected the license plate was ugly, tore the license plate was deducted 18 point 若槻ゆうか

The driver license plate license plate   too ugly to tear; police was deducted 18 points — the Guangdong channel — original title: driver license plate license plate too ugly to tear, traffic police have been deducted 18 points in September 26th, the Zhuhai police seized a car without a license plate hanging car on the west coast highway. Investigation found that the reason is not hanging license plate, but the driver was disgusted with the license plate was scratched ugly, simply demolished. On the morning of 8 am, Zhuhai Highway Traffic Police Brigade police giant in the west coastal highway east to west direction of the 13 km perimeter patrol found the emergency lane of a vehicle parked car without a license plate of the Subaru forest white car. The car only under the right steering lamp, the car has not stalled, the tail from time to time out of smoke, the driver cocked her head with eyes closed and inclined chair, seems to be asleep. In order to avoid the carbon dioxide poisoning, the giant Police Officer immediately signaled the driver to drive off the freeway with a loudspeaker, but the driver slept soundly and ignored the disturbance outside the window. The traffic police waited a few minutes before the driver got off, and then he knocked on the window glass, trying to wake the driver from his sleep. The police knocked several, the driver finally opened his eyes off. Driver Liu saw the police, suddenly blurred eyes spirit, to the police explained: "Sir, I never drink and drive, I am going to do this morning departure from Canton business Gaolan Port, get up early and have a two-hour drive car, really sleepy, was in the car. I slept for a while, this actually sleep at dawn!" Sleepy and sleepy, but why is the license plate missing? Liu snaps his forehead, said carelessly knocked himself before the car license plate before, not enough time to make up for the licensing procedures. He looked at the license plate was scratched, it is difficult to see, this does not do two endlessly, simply directly behind the number plate also removed. Before the traffic police opened, Liu felt guilty, and ran to the rear box to take out a motor vehicle number plate, I really have a number plate! The traffic police will then enter the license plate number system query check, this Guangdong FU× × 47 car really belongs to liu. Traffic police see, the distance from the front of Liu parked about 1 kilometers is a toll station exports, he can drive to the exit and then stop to rest, just a minute distance Liu Moudou did not open in the past, the power of the nap is indeed not small! In order to ensure the safe and smooth road, traffic police pull up the warning line at the back of the car, and contact Liu’s friends to bring Liu away from the high speed. According to the provisions of the law, the vehicle license plate is not required, fined 5000 yuan, deducted 12 points; non emergency circumstances in the highway emergency Lane parking, fined 200 yuan, deducted 6 points. The above merger, Liu will face a penalty of 5200 yuan, deducted 18 points penalty. (Pan Xiaochen Yang Xiaojiang) (commissioning editor Yang Jieli and Zhang Haiyan) 司机嫌车牌难看撕了车牌 被交警扣了18分–广东频道–人民网 原标题:司机嫌车牌难看撕了车牌,被交警扣了18分   9月26日,珠海交警在西部沿海高速公路查获一辆未悬挂车牌的小汽车。调查发现,未悬挂车牌的原因,竟是司机嫌弃车牌被刮花了难看,索性拆了下来。   当天早上8时许,珠海高速公路交警大队巨警官在西部沿海高速公路东往西方向的13公里周边巡逻,发现应急车道上停放着一辆车头没有悬挂号牌的斯巴鲁森林人白色小轿车。小车只打着右转向灯,车上还没有熄火,尾部不时冒出袅袅青烟,司机歪着脑袋闭着眼睛斜靠背椅上,看样子是睡着了。   巨警官为了避免司机二氧化碳中毒,立即用扩音器示意司机驶离高速公路,但是司机睡得很香,丝毫没有理会窗外的纷扰。交警等了几分钟还没等到司机下车,便上前敲车窗玻璃,尝试把司机从睡梦中叫醒。交警敲了好几下,这位司机大哥终于睁开惺忪的睡眼下车了。司机刘某见到交警后,迷离的眼神顿时精神了,向交警解释:“阿sir,我绝对没有喝酒开车,我是今早从广州出发准备去高栏港做生意,起的早加上已经开了两个小时的车,实在困得不行,就在车上睡了一会儿,想不到这一睡居然天亮了!”   困了睡可以理解,但是为什么车上的号牌不翼而飞?刘某猛地一拍脑门儿,声称自己之前不小心把前车号牌碰掉,还没来得及去办理补牌手续。他看着车牌被刮花了很难看,这一不做二不休,干脆直接把后面的号牌也拆掉。还没等交警开口,刘某感到心虚,赶紧跑到后尾箱拿出一副机动车号牌,我真的是有号牌的!交警随后将车牌号码输入系统查询核对,这辆粤FU××47小车确实是属于刘某的。   交警看到,前面距离刘某停车的位置大约有1公里处就是一个收费站的出口,他完全可以把车开到出口处再停车休息,短短一分钟的距离刘某都没有开过去,瞌睡虫的威力确实不小!   为了保障道路安全畅通,交警在小车后面拉起警戒线,并联系刘某的朋友过来将刘某带离高速。根据法律规定,不按规定悬挂机动车号牌,罚5000元、扣12分;非紧急情况下在高速公路应急车道上停车,罚200元、扣6分。以上合并,刘某将面临罚款5200元,扣18分的处罚。(潘晓晨 杨小江) (责编:杨杰利、张海燕)相关的主题文章: