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Taxi software prone leakage: the new network record information accurate positioning in the camp – soldiers of the army thirty-ninth army brigade officers and soldiers using intelligent mobile phone software into a new category of confidential work — the use of a taxi software leak alert "go out don’t panic, intelligent mobile phone to help us busy, software taxi booking, blink camp gate parking……" In January 30th, the army thirty-ninth army brigade corporal Zhou, approved after going out, also did not go to the yard gate, a taxi outside the camp has been waiting for a long time. The duty of the police platoon leader Song Xianjie stepped forward to ask that: Zhou is through the installation of smart mobile phone software taxi booking car, and then look at the taxi master of mobile phone screen, not only does the name, telephone and other information is complete, even the camp was to precisely locate the position. Long song I gasped, he politely asked the driver to delete the relevant information on the small mobile phone, and this situation was reported. Although the taxi software is convenient, it is easy to cause loss of secrets, inconsistent with the security regulations!" The Security Committee of the brigade after identification technology that taxi software relies on "location service" based on technology, often forced to start in the mobile phone system background and position. At the same time, the officers and soldiers send out the reservation information, which not only exposes the specific location of the troops, but also discloses the personal identity information. In order to help further understand the security risks and taxi software exist, they invited technical experts around the "alert to use a taxi software leak on the topic of thematic lectures, vulnerability analysis positioning function from the technical level, simulation software taxi and discharge process personal information exposed; study and formulate the" standard of intelligent mobile phone management and usage "soldiers, strictly regulate the use of software taxi location, location, time; clear office, conference room, car park and other 7 places for the intelligent mobile phone" forbidden zone ", and for the whole trip every intelligent mobile phone and telephone number of the real name registration. Sun pin, a new soldier, was a real name VIP member of a taxi software. Now, he cancelled his personal account and emptied his personal information. It is reported that the brigade at present everyone in the safe use of intelligent mobile phone "guarantee" signed, they said, not in the use of a taxi software security leaks case. – newspaper correspondent correspondent Li Xianghui Jiao Yucheng

打车软件易致失泄密:记录官兵信息 精准定位营区-中新网   陆军第39集团军某旅将官兵使用智能手机新软件纳入保密工作范畴――   警惕使用打车软件泄密   “有事外出不用慌,智能手机帮咱忙,打车软件一预约,眨眼泊车营门旁……”1月30日,陆军第39集团军某旅下士小周,经批准允许外出后,还没走到营院大门口,营门外一辆出租车已等待多时。   值班的警调连排长宋现洁上前询问得知:小周是通过使用智能手机上安装的打车软件预约用车,再看看出租车师傅的手机屏幕,不仅小周的姓名、电话等信息齐全,就连营区的位置也被精准定位。宋排长不禁倒吸一口凉气,他婉言让司机删除了手机上小周的相关信息,并将此情况逐级上报。   “打车软件虽然方便,但容易造成失泄密,不符合安全保密规定!”该旅保密委员会经过技术鉴定后认为:打车软件依赖的是“基于位置服务”的技术,通常会在手机系统后台强制启动并进行定位。官兵们在发出预约信息的同时,既暴露了所在部队的具体位置,又泄露了个人身份信息。   为帮助官兵进一步认清打车软件存在的安全隐患,他们邀请技术专家围绕“警惕使用打车软件失泄密”这一话题进行专题知识讲座,从技术层面分析定位功能的安全漏洞,模拟演示打车软件泄露个人信息的过程;研究制订《智能手机管理与使用规范细则》,严格规范官兵使用打车软件的地点、场所、时间;明确办公室、会议室、车炮场等7类场所为智能手机“禁入区”,并为全旅每部智能手机和电话卡号都进行了实名登记。   新战士孙钊曾是某打车软件的实名VIP会员。如今,他主动注销了个人账户,清空了个人信息。据悉,该旅官兵目前人人都在《安全使用智能手机保证书》上签了字,大家表示,绝不在有失泄密隐患的情况下使用打车软件。   ■本报特约记者 李祥辉 通讯员 焦玉成相关的主题文章: