Small guy will 20cm data line into the urethra, see video to seek stimulation (video) hit5杨帆

The guy will 20cm data line into the urethra said watching video data line will seek to stimulate small unexpectedly into the urethra so bad imitation is such a young man, watching a video on the Internet, even imitate the inside of the action, the wire inserted into his urethra, turned himself into the operation room. The doctor said that the entire operation process for more than an hour, so complex as the patient, is still relatively rare. The three section mobile phone data cable, you can imagine, it is taken from a guy in the urethra? Well, this nearly twenty cm long data line, how to do in this guy, guy answered a little surprise. The doctor said, the guy is drunk, according to online video, the charging line in urethral inside, he described the charging line about twenty centimeters. Look at the guy’s situation, the doctor immediately to the small operation, but the operation is not small. The doctor told reporters, these places are in bending, urethral inside the discount when open the urinary tract, have found the knot, the knot is the patient’s own account. Considering the guy’s feelings, we did not bother him. The doctor reminds, for network video, do not understand the situation, do not free to imitate. Patients wake up also regret, urethral stricture, relatively slender, will lead to foreign body into the mucosal injury, the online video recommends not to follow, so as to avoid unnecessary damage to myself.

小伙将20cm数据线塞进尿道 称看视频寻求刺激 小伙竟将数据线塞进尿道 如此模仿要不得 有这么一位小伙子,在看了一段网上的视频后,竟然模仿起了里面的动作,将电线插进了自己的尿道里,把自己送进了了手术室。医生表示,手术整个过程一个多小时,像这个病人这么复杂的情况,还是比较少见的。这三截手机数据线,你能想象,它是从一个小伙的尿道里取出来的吗?那么,这将近二十厘米长的数据线,是怎么样进到小伙体内的呢,这个小伙的回答有点让人大跌眼镜。医生说,小伙是在喝醉酒之后,根据网上的视频,将充电线放在尿道里面了,他描述充电线有二十公分左右。看了小伙的情况后,医生立马给小伙手术,不过这个手术难道可不小。医生告诉记者,这些弯曲的地方,都是在尿道里面打折着开尿道的时候,发现就有这个结,考虑是病人自己打的结。考虑小伙的感受,我们并没有打扰他。而医生提醒,对于网络视频,在不了解情况下,千万不要随意模仿。患者醒来之后也很后悔,男性尿道比较细长,狭窄,异物塞进去会导致粘膜损伤,网上的视频建议大家不要去效仿,以免对自己造成不必要的伤害。相关的主题文章: