Chen Guangbiao responded, Whampoa  company found that the official seal

Chen Guangbiao responded to the Whampoa  company found that the official seal of the matter, Chen Guangbiao press conference has begun! Conference background wall can see "let the evidence speak a few words, the scene shows a lot of money bills, the staff claimed that the conference will be the page for everyone to see. Some netizens questioned: will they do their own bills? For the media on Chen Guangbiao’s first trick questioned, how he responded? For the NetEase of "cut the stomach to lose weight behind the Chen Guangbiao report, Chen Guangbiao responded:" I have not done gastrectomy, without any scar, yesterday afternoon also went to the Nanjing Gulou Hospital Medical Center for a medical examination, can be issued by the examination report. Their diet and exercise, including a special diet conditioning, to achieve the effect of slimming. Chen Guangbiao said it would be held responsible for the damage to the company’s reputation for its products. [Chen Guangbiao responded "Whampoa  companies found a fake seal"] conference host said seal Department Deputy General forgery, and again stressed that Chen Guangbiao did not know, the alarm is Chen Guangbiao, Nanjing Jiangning Public Security Bureau has filed. The seal is seal of the enterprise, has nothing to do with Chen Guangbiao donations. The host also said the general manager Zhang as a Chen Guangming fellow, devoid of gratitude, tie up grace to him, but now planted on him, two people staged a farmer and the snake story. Chen Guangbiao’s medical report [Chen Guangbiao] has refused a reporter’s question, leave the scene reporters urged Chen Guangbiao to answer questions, but was refused, Chen nominal evidence has shown, before the media have been centralized reply after they left. Staff to the media issued a copy of the Chen Guangbiao medical report and conference notes. Chen Guangbiao said that the show has been given to the media, and did not accept the interview editor: Zhang Xiaoya相关的主题文章: