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Elderly people fainted in Sichuan, Zigong urban management fans to help cool down (Figure) – in recent years, urban management to help the elderly shaking fan recent hot weather continues to walk on the road will feel at any time be drying. In August 23rd 2 pm, a eight year old Zigong Ji Yuan near the bridge suddenly collapsed to the ground in gongjingou Salt Road, by the 3 law enforcement team is surrounding law enforcement Gongjing District Urban Management Bureau of the timely rescue, umbrella, fan, for the elderly and promptly called an ambulance rushed to hospital for treatment. The old man chased the fan to help rescue Gongjing 23, 2 pm, Gongjing District Urban Management Bureau Road salt section long Liu Xiang, Ding Liming, Cao Jun and law enforcement officers routinely carry out routine inspections in Salt Road area. The weather is very hot, the people in the street the sweat runs down like raindrops. About 2:20, they patrol to Tesco supermarket, suddenly heard people shouting, "come, here is the old man fainted." Three people immediately rushed to the bridge bridge, found an old man fainted in the ground, enthusiastic people take out the sun umbrella to support the elderly, so as not to be exposed to the sun. Ding Liming said the old man pale, blurred consciousness, should not be called. Liu Xiang immediately opened the 120 emergency call, Cao Jun let people gather slightly spread to the old ventilation. Help with the umbrella Ding Liming suddenly saw a man passing by shaking a fan, he borrowed for the elderly immediately fainted fan cooling fan. Fan five or six minutes later, the medical staff came to the scene of the 120, urban management team to assist the elderly on the ambulance, rushed to Zigong Third People’s Hospital for treatment. The old man collapsed, timely rescue, Ding Liming said, "this is really a small thing, the summer hot weather, often encounter some carrying out stall booth for the elderly, they often help them pick out his position, not only affects the appearance of the city, do not let the old people in the hot days of exposure. According to the Zigong Third People’s Hospital, the relevant person in charge, the old man about 80 years old, 23 in the afternoon after being rushed to the hospital for a physical examination, and emergency treatment, has been hospitalized on the 24 day, sure no problem will go through the discharge of the elderly body. High temperature to cool 26 days according to the analysis, the latest meteorological data of Zigong Meteorological Bureau until August 25th, Zigong will be controlled by the subtropical high, high temperature fine and hot weather continued, without significant rainfall, high temperatures, high humidity and strong sunshine. From the beginning of August 26th, affected by cold air, the weather situation in Zigong will be a turning point, the temperature dropped significantly, hot weather tends to end, and the emergence of significant rainfall weather process. Zigong Municipal Meteorological Bureau responsible person, since August 11th, the city’s continuous high temperatures, high temperature days the daily maximum temperature greater than 35 DEG C for 8 to 10 days, 21 days the highest temperature record highs since the summer of this year, Rongxian city and Fushun county were 38 C, 38.6 C and 38.7 C. Days of high temperature weather has three major characteristics: one is the average high temperature of 4.5 DEG C, in the same period in the history of the third high, continuous high temperature and long duration; two is the total precipitation was less than 85%, ranking sixth in the same period lasted less, due to sustained high temperatures and little rain, individual local mild drought V, road相关的主题文章: