The man called 100 containment by new network – 4S shop Xingju 女f4

The man called 100 4S shop by Beijing containment in detention –         not long ago, a letter of apology letter Shantou local newspaper published the Shantou attracted public attention. According to the Southern public opinion center in Shantou branch statistics show that the event of the entire network of nearly 60 comments and articles, became the hottest topic of the day.         after the apology letter was released, local media reported on the incident.         originally, a few months ago in Shantou, Chenghai, a gold car Sales Service Co bought a Mercedes benz". After that, Kim did not have the speed limit on the grounds of the car, requiring the replacement of a new car 4S shop, the two sides triggered disputes. In September 10th, Kim mustered Yemou, xiaomou more than and 100 people, the company is still in the hall of containment, 4S shop staff hanging banners, intimidation, harassment Car Buying customers, the company cannot lead to normal business. The company staff then alarm, Shantou Longhu police quickly arrived at the scene disposal, Kim et al seeing before leaving the scene. Subsequently, the Longhu police investigation. In September 13th, the suspect Yemou suspicion of disturbing the social order was arrested and criminal detention.         Nanfang Daily Shantou observer reporter Hu Keya相关的主题文章: