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Xinjiang OSMO Mobile rival, SPG mobile phone out of the box – Pan Feiyu Sohu technology in Germany in September IFA consumer electronics show, Xinjiang released OSMO Mobile, a specially designed for the intelligent mobile phone and OSMO handheld console. OSMO Mobile with its good performance and excellent visual follow function has been recognized by many players. But the big Xinjiang in the consumer sector almost swept all aerial drones trend could continue to hold the head, also need to look at the rival products. OSMO Mobile released 1 months later, the same in the apple Apple Store handheld console manufacturers of domestic Feiyu science and technology released a new SPG series handheld platform — SPG Live SPG SPG Plus. Love fan children (micro signal: iFanr) now also get this series of mid-range models SPG, priced at 1799 yuan. Before the formal evaluation, we first take a cursory look at the design and start SPG experience. The design is simple and elegant, has made great progress compared to a generation mobile phone platform G4 Fei Pro, the biggest change is the appearance of more concise SPG series. The original roll of silver and white logo now and the shell Feiyu integrated; pure metal handle G4 Pro has evolved into a SPG covered with a layer of rubber handle, and the concept of a higher degree of integration; because SPG uses a sliding arm design and Xinjiang OSMO similar Mobile, SPG without additional weight module can be adapted to the intelligent mobile phone from iPhone SE to iPhone 7 Plus each size and weight. Feiyu SPG with a dislocation of fixture design, can be firmly fixed with the mobile phone, camera motion is also compatible with GoPro cotton pad motion camera. As for this fixture and large OSMO Mobile knob fixture which is more easy to use, but also depends on personal preferences. SPG handle the distribution of the two 14 inch screw, without any accessories can be fixed on the three tripod. Cable SPG is an improvement of the design, has exposed cable on a sliding transverse arm, although aspects of Feiyu fan children to love (micro signal: iFanr) said this line after the durability test, but the adjustment arm length will still be slightly worried. Control is very sensitive, there is room for improvement in the SPG mobile phone client Feiyu only 3 keys — four to rocker, function keys and Bluetooth shutter button. Click the button to switch on the different mode of PTZ movement; in SPG via Bluetooth and mobile phone connection, press the shutter button or click the Bluetooth can start video and photos. Compared to the previous generation of Pro G4, SPG performance has been greatly improved, and the love of the van child相关的主题文章: