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Why is there a social network that is "keyboard man"? PingWest fengshangyue after the long battle with depression, Qiao Renliang fell asleep, surrounded by his, is a vast expanse of water — composed of numerous web comments – this is the world for his parting gift". The official announcement of second-hand news, micro signal V, wax, review, rumor, parody, piece…… Comfort, good intentions, malicious, spoof, like a mess of wild fire, and those who hold the torch, is the keyboard man". In any social media corner, you always seem to be able to find these people: they are enthusiastic about participating in social media events, Baoqiang Wang and Ma Rong, Qiao Renliang and Zhao Liying, although these events seem totally irrelevant to them; they respond very quickly, what a hot run faster than any one of the reporters fast; they frequently stick wielding moral, said the well-known "unpatriotic", the star does not honor people heartless; they sometimes into play, especially in the social network to fight red in the face, a variety of ethical stem frequent. But in real life, they are so quiet, safe, honest, and they serve on the network. You don’t always know who they are. After Qiao Renliang incident broke out, most reply condolences, but also respond to the first reaction is to find his friend Joe Chen and Zhao Liying, the "cold" label. Of course, keyboard man not at all times, with different tastes, different types, and discuss the way of participation. But in some places surprisingly consistent: it focuses on hot topics, good love, love people, love spraying debate playing jokes, simple thinking…… What makes a person a keyboard man? In addition to venting and quality problems mentioned by many people, we summarize some seven reasons, we also welcome everybody to criticize a: one, with the topic, expressing opinions. Everyone has a desire to talk, it’s like eating a toilet. Many people, eager for a variety of purposes, want the world to know their status and express their ideas. But the reality is cruel, if just talking, I’m afraid not what people are willing to listen to. How to do? The only way is to get on the topic of the "taxi", and then let it go in the direction they want to go. Like WeChat Xiaobian rub hot to sell their own public number: catch up with the hot, a lot of people can not easily get attention or view, there are more opportunities to show. Qiao Renliang and depression, for example. (but it also exposes the public’s indifference to depression, see another article written by my colleague, Fan Junjie) But some other facts or fuzzy, complicated hot spots, all relevant groups will try to put it with their existing views combined. The reason is that in order to give more exposure to their own groups, their views are more likely to be recognized. Do you believe that Baoqiang Wang is a feminist issue or event legal oversight?.相关的主题文章: