A glimpse of the American Underclass over 40 million people living under the poverty line 下北glory days

The bottom of society in the United States of America: over 40 million people living below the poverty line the bottom of American society at a glance: over 40 million people living below the poverty line source: reference news network according to the British "Daily Mail" reported that the Danish photographer Eskil Sen (Joakim Eskildsen) in the past 7 months, visited 5 states, recorded the current status of American life people at the bottom. The lives of the characters in the photographs are in contrast to the "American Dream" shown on television, and their bitterness is rare. According to reports, the United States has more than 45 million people living under the poverty line, accounting for nearly 1/7 of the total population. The woman in the picture is Kate. She lives with her husband and son in the trailer. She had to send her children to live with her mother because of her husband’s abuse. In an accident, the Trailer Trailer of a family living in the fire, the fire will burn all its property. U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency has sold a large number of trailers to the poor, in order to solve the housing shortage, which has repeatedly been condemned by the United States, that there are serious security risks. Darlene from South Dakota, who is a nurse she injured and disabled in an accident. She and her two children currently live in a trailer, no drinking water, only $800 a month for the disability subsidy. Darlene said: "if I go to work, I can not receive relief, but if I only live on welfare, I will always be a victim of the social system." Hurricane Katrina in 2005 was still a nightmare in the hearts of the people of the Mississippi River, where millions of people lost their homes in the hurricane and 1836 died in the hurricane. Ronald as one of the affected people, not only lost their homes, legs were injured, so had to sit on a wheelchair. Ronald currently has no place, every day waiting for volunteers to release free food on the roadside. The old man in the picture is Terry, who lives with his girlfriend in a tent in the outskirts of georgia. Terry said he and his girlfriend live here is very calm and stable, than in the city and other homeless people living together much better. Frank and the Jessica family were evicted from their homes because they were unable to repay their home loans in Georgia, where their luggage was thrown into the yard by staff. The couple had to start with 3 children to find a new home in the two. Alina and her cousin, Elizabeth, live on the Gulf of Louisiana, Mexico. Alina’s father was a local fisherman, but since the Gulf of Mexico oil spill in 2010, his father’s harvest even less than half of the previous. Alina’s mother is a cleaner, responsible for cleaning up the oil waste. The local government said it would be nice for the fishermen to recover the fish that had oil. Photographer Eskil Sen said that during filming, almost every one of the respondents in the conversation can’t help crying, "a lot of the time they see so sad it’s hard for me to face, it seems everybody may suffer their suffering." The girl and her family live in the picture相关的主题文章: