Liaocheng 17 year old boy and 11 year old girl jailed for cohabitation 小坂めぐる

Liaocheng 17 year old boy and 11 year old girl cohabitation for Liaocheng daily news (reporter Zheng Zhinan Pang Xiaojun correspondent Wang Xiyu Pan Hui Chen Yuhui) Liaocheng 17 year old boy and 11 year old Zhao Moumou girls know love on the Internet, and repeated sexual relations. Recently, Shandong City, Dongchangfu province people’s court sentenced the case of rape, the defendant Zhao Moumou guilty of rape, sentenced to three years imprisonment, suspended for five years. Reporters learned that the defendant Moumou, male, born in February 1998, Shandong, Shenxian, Han nationality, junior high school culture, unemployed. Dongchangfu District, Liaocheng people’s Procuratorate accused, from December 25, 2015 to January 8, 2016, the defendant Zhao Moumou and Wang (born in December 2004) sexual relations. That the defendant’s behavior has constituted a crime of rape, it is recommended to pursue their criminal responsibility. Defendant Zhao Moumou accusations against the facts of the crime and charges are no objection. The defender believes that the defendant Moumou crime under eighteen years of age, and the victim is met on the Internet, has maintained a good relationship, the victim asked the defendant to go to Shenyang to find her; and after the defendant to return to Liaocheng, the initiative to follow, two people have sex victims is voluntary. After the defendant to compensate the victims 30000 yuan and has made the understanding of victims, reduce the punishment of the defendant or the lighter, according to the law applicable to probation. The court found that the defendant Moumou and victim Wang (born in December 2004) on the internet. 2015 in December, two people meet in Shenyang. December 25, 2015 afternoon, the defendant Moumou arrived in Shenyang, after the two met together in the hotel accommodation, during the two sexual relations occurred many times. December 29, 2015, the defendant Moumou to go back to Liaocheng, the victim asked the defendant to bring him to play in Liaocheng, two people in December 30, 2015 to facilitate travel, arrived in Liaocheng in December 31, 2015. From December 31, 2015 to January 8, 2016 period, two people in the vicinity of the Liaocheng railway station two hotels, Shenxian Wang Zhuang Town, the defendant Zhao Moumou middle place, multiple sexual relations. Period, the victim Wang has been told the defendant himself 16 years old. After the incident, the defendant Moumou compensation for the victims of 30000 yuan, and made close relatives of the victims of understanding. Shenxian community corrections work leading group office to the court submitted a report on the investigation of the defendant moumou. The community correction office issued the investigation and appraisal opinion shows that the defendant Moumou usually performed better, and people live in harmony, no other irregularities, suggested that the court of the defendant Moumou a lighter or mitigated punishment. The court held that the defendant Moumou and twelve years of age under the age of a young girl multiple sexual relations, their behavior has constituted the crime of rape. Prosecutor accused the defendant Zhao Moumou crime facts and charges. Defendant Moumou rape of young girls under fourteen years of age, should be punished severely. In view of the defendant Moumou crime under the age of eighteen, the justice truthfully confessed his crime and can offer compensation相关的主题文章: