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Unprecedented! "Game king ARC-V" bad review rate swept the history of the first ten animation Tencent some time ago have begun to focus on new animation "game king ARC-V" in praise of the aspects of the niconico. Do not know what is the story itself suck, or the audience all belong to the sunspot relationship, it works constantly refresh the bad record. Recently, a historical level data born — this work won the NicoNico rating of TOP10. The result was created after the 131 episode, which was rated at a high level of 9.3%. One of the worst is 122 sets of 6.1%, and the best results are only the 123 set of 14.6%. A work can get such a record, have to say is unprecedented. In this regard, many users Tucao said: "wow moment in history, the writer and director does not come out to apologize!" So ugly look, really shake m, I set the more than and 90 abandoned." Next to challenge the first twenty tyrants." And this work will have what kind of surprise, Tencent animation will continue to focus on. NicoNico (first) game king ARC-V, the 122 set of second "game king ARC-V" set of 130 (in fact, there is a of the "BTOOOM")! "The sixth set, but this is because of the emergence of broadcast accident caused black) third 8.8%" ARC-V 121 "game king set fourth 9.3%" ARC-V 131 "game king set fifth 9.6%" ARC-V 129 "game king set sixth 10.3%" ARC-V 118 "game king set seventh 11.8%" game king ARC-V "episode 127 eighth 13.6%" ARC-V 19 "game king set ninth 13.8%" ARC-V 120 "game king set tenth 14.6%" ARC-V 123 "game king set download Tencent anime APP, more popular animation works相关的主题文章: