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55 broke the news: Han aid team Faker to offer 40 million China down – Sina hero alliance zone 55 live open when a big news broke the news, Faker LPL’s team to offer, as to which a team can make nothing of it but the price is amazing, 40 million! Set LOL title in a Faker LPL also wanted to make money. So the question is, can the Faker be worth 40 million now? Before answering this question, we should consider the salary of the domestic broadcast industry, Faker did not say that it is necessary to play a career, it is possible to live! Please refer to PDD, Miss, et al. Kathleen salary! Of course, if Faker comes, to ensure that S7 win, I believe that the price of a lot of LPL bosses are willing to! However, to LPL’s many champions, and now the situation is not very optimistic! For example, Gank is often a single Marin! In addition, 55 also broke the news of another Mengliao "whole class"! When the 55 live open, super sure that LPL S7 next year there will be more than half of the team with the whole class. In the spring of next year is likely to match the whole class more than half of the summer season, the latest! Why does LPL want to start with the whole class? When brother live directly, Han aid heart beat down LPL (such as Deft LCK, repeatedly said wanted to return over LPL) occupation is to make money! Moreover, many Korean style of life is a big problem, communication is also a big problem! (LCS division of the Korean aid, must be able to carry out normal communication to the team, in English LPL is different, will say NICE can!) FW is the whole class, not just to beat SKT? And before the old OMG! LPL all Huabanduo up will make LPL better atmosphere! It is said that the whole class of things, is the internal news! Look forward to LPL whole class next year! Sina’s statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: