Meranti Changtai 2 Dead 2 lost to Quanzhou 1285 houses collapsed-音羽かなで

"Meranti" Changtai 2 Dead 2 lost to Quanzhou 1285 houses collapsed in September 16, Fuzhou (Wang Xiong Xiao Heyong) the fourteenth typhoon this year moranti landing in Xiamen, also hit Zhangzhou and Quanzhou in fujian. Zhangzhou 164 thousand and 240 people were affected in Changtai killed 2 people lost 2 people in Fujian County of Changtai in Zhangzhou on the evening of 15 to 11 am informed, typhoon "Meranti" caused by the local 487 people were trapped, 4360 people were evacuated, 6 people were injured, lost to 2 people, 2 people died. According to incomplete statistics, the typhoon also caused 164 thousand and 240 local victims, 9 villages and towns, 117 road landslides and 13 culverts. The total loss of direct economy is 171 million 60 thousand yuan. According to the report, the disaster situation in some areas is still in the statistics because of the interruption of communication. At present, mayangxi scenic area comprehensive traffic control, are cleaning up the road. The affected local township power and communication are emergency repairs, the affected areas and related health disinfection rehabilitation work has commenced. As of press time, the local area of mayangxi, Fang Yang Zhen Lin Dun, offices and other places of power, communication has not been restored. Quanzhou industrial enterprises damaged 515 total loss of 693 million yuan according to 15 days 21 when Quanzhou Shifang Zhi news, typhoon "Meranti" impact, Quanzhou city generally affected. Among them, Nanan, Yongchun, Anxi more serious disaster, Nanan Xiangyang, Meishan Hong Seto, part of the township, nine break off, Yongchun County Lake, Yang Zhen Shan break off. According to the Quanzhou civil affairs department to preliminary statistics, the city’s total of 275562 people were affected, evacuated more than 9 people, the city’s 1285 houses collapsed and severely damaged 646 houses, damaged 10110 houses generally in spring, dispatched troops and armed police officers, militia and reserve personnel more than 4000 people, nearly 2000 people to rescue the trapped people. By the end of 15, 21, there were still 380 thousand blackouts in Quanzhou. The city’s industrial enterprises were damaged by 515, with a total loss of 693 million yuan. Agricultural production in Quanzhou city were affected, crops affected 264 thousand and 500 acres, 17 thousand acres of fruit, tea 71 thousand acres, 38 thousand and 700 acres of greenhouse facilities damaged, livestock barns damaged 114 thousand and 800 square meters, and 24 thousand of them died, who is expected to direct economic loss of 376 million yuan; the majority of forestry enterprises, flowers and seedlings planting nursery were badly flooded, direct economic preliminary statistics of losses of more than 131 million 800 thousand yuan; damaged dikes 33, revetment 203, 10 sluices, irrigation facilities, 203 hydropower stations 10. Quanzhou city center area of more than 100 thousand square meters of green waterlogging loss, the number of urban center lodging trees 13088, all kinds of municipal public facilities damaged 335, 18 city block transfer station in temporary outage state; drainage network blockage 20, Erythrina pumping station flooded, North Canal water production, the East China Sea Water supply station pressure station the suspension of water supply; the water level is high, the Quanzhou bridge is 4.23 meters. The gantry crane at the Shijing working area of Quanzhou port was broken by strong wind and fell on the rolling dock, causing an economic loss of about 9 million yuan. In addition, Quanzhou Shanmei Reservoir in 12 days in advance of flood discharge, but because of a large amount of water, the highest peak reached 4000 cubic meters per second, plus Hong Lai basin tributaries flood waterlogging together, severely affected by the downstream area of Nanan Hong Seto, are stepping up efforts to the danger zone were evacuated, the flood has fallen. (Xinhua net)

“莫兰蒂”致长泰2死2失联 泉州房屋倒塌1285间   新华网福州9月16日电(王雄 肖和勇)今年第14号台风“莫兰蒂”登陆厦门,也重创了同处闽南的漳州、泉州两地。   漳州长泰16.424万人受灾 死亡2人失联2人   福建漳州长泰县防指15日晚11时许通报,台风“莫兰蒂”造成当地487名人员被困,4360人被转移,6人受伤,失联2人,死亡2人。据不完全统计,台风还造成当地16.424万人受灾,受灾乡镇有9个,道路塌方117处、涵洞损毁13座。直接经济总损失17106万元。   通报称,因通讯中断,部分地区受灾情况仍在统计中。目前,马洋溪景区实行全面交通管制,正进行路面清理。当地受灾乡镇电力、通讯正在紧急抢修,受灾地区卫生消杀及相关善后工作也已展开。截至记者发稿时,当地马洋溪景区、枋洋镇、林墩办事处等地电力、通讯仍未得到恢复。   泉州工业企业受损515家 总损失6.93亿元   另据15日21时泉州市防指消息,受台风“莫兰蒂”影响,泉州市普遍受灾。其中,南安、永春、安溪灾情较为严重,南安市向阳、梅山、洪濑、九都部分乡镇断路断电,永春县湖洋镇、外山乡部分断路断电。   据泉州民政部门初步统计,全市共有275562人受灾,紧急转移安置9万余人,全市房屋倒塌1285间,严重损坏房屋646间,一般损坏房屋10110间,出动驻泉部队和武警官兵、民兵预备役人员4000多人,解救受困群众近2000人。   截至15日21时,泉州市仍有38万户停电。全市工业企业受损515家,总损失6.93亿元。   泉州市农业生产受灾,农作物受灾26.45万亩,水果1.7万亩,茶叶7.1万亩,设施大棚受损3.87万亩,畜禽栏舍损坏11.48万平方米,畜禽死亡2.4万只,预计农经直接经济损失3.76亿元;广大涉林企业、花卉种苗种植大户受灾严重,苗圃苗木受淹,初步统计直接经济损失超过13180万元;损坏堤防33处、护岸203处、水闸10座、灌溉设施203处、水电站10座。   泉州中心市区大面积内涝,绿化损失10万多平方米,中心市区倒伏树木数量13088株,各种市政公用设施损毁335处,城区18座转运站暂时处于停运状态;排水管网淤塞20处,刺桐泵站泵房被淹,北渠水厂停产,东海供水站加压站暂停供水;外江水位居高不下,泉州大桥处达4.23米。   泉州港石井作业区南辉码头门式起重机被强风折断并砸落在滚装码头上,造成经济损失约900万元。   此外,泉州山美水库于12日提前泄洪,但因为来水量较大,最高峰值一度达到4000立方米 秒,加上洪濑流域支流山洪汇聚,下游南安市洪濑区域受涝严重,正加大力度对危险地带人员进行撤离,目前洪水已回落。   (新华网)相关的主题文章: