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The man for money do bank cards for sale: the police shortly on the Internet credit system remain tainted – Sohu news public Lee, a price of $one hundred for each acquisition of bank card and U shield "information attracted his attention, so he went to the bank to do a bank card and U shield. And people buy cards Wang Moumou contact, agreed to trade with the price of 130 yuan. When two people in the agreed time, place for trading, was arrested by the police, and seized in the same way someone else in the same bank card 5. For the purchase of the bank card to others, the surname Wang explained it is be sold to others. For the bank card and U shield the whereabouts of police investigators, is likely to be some criminals, victims scattered funds as cases of Internet fraud, wire fraud and other criminal in the account. If people use these bank cards to do illegal things, the cardholder is likely to violate the national laws in the case of no knowledge. In addition, due to the bank card store a lot of personal information, the sale of bank cards are likely to be criminals and steal personal information and lead to unnecessary trouble. Currently, Wang has been transferred to the Pudong Public Security Bureau to hinder the transfer of credit card management of the Pudong New Area people’s Procuratorate for prosecution. Although Mr. Li after police education, warning to be released, but the personal credit information system records will therefore leave a spot, will have a significant impact on the future to the bank to apply for a credit card, apply for housing loans, credit loans and other financial activities.相关的主题文章: