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11 logistics or courier recruitment over 1 billion monthly salary of up to 12 thousand this year – 11 FedEx will more than 1 billion, is likely to once again set a record for the number of parcels East IC on double 11, both smart logistics, logistics, or the third party logistics, rookie, Suning, one of four links have been recruiting. With the approaching 11 this year, there are indications that this year, the courier industry to prepare for the first two months in advance of the trigger 11. Urgent paying, the bag eats ", some of the recruitment website, the courier post recruitment posts are frequently top or hang on the" hot "sign. Express recruitment posts into the recruitment website zhidingtie urgent paying, the bag eats, near the double 11, some of the recruitment website, the courier post recruitment posts are frequently top or hang on the "hot" sign. Beijing Youth Daily reporter saw recently, Debon logistics recruitment platform are given in several mainstream is expected to recruit the number reached 50 people, including Haidian, Changping, work in Shunyi, Fangshan, Xizhimen, Dongzhimen and other counties and regions. Beijing post recruitment information also showed that hope in Chaoyang boziwan, Wanfeng Road area, the new 10-15 about the courier. BYD reporter survey found that many express recruitment information are one of four links, and the figure of SF, BES Huitong, Zhaijisong and other well-known courier companies. At the same time, a lot of express logistics companies in the recruitment information given salary is also quite attractive. One is yesterday just released "× × 3500+ courier" recruitment post, salary display for 8000-12000 yuan, the job description bar with a red background with black font marked "preferential treatment, 2, intends to contact". The other is the same salary given "8000-12000 yuan" express enterprise information display, the size of the company 100-499, to recruit 19 people. BYD reporter found out, suggest that hiring personnel generally express salary standard for 5000-8000 yuan. In contrast, similar to the male workers for main security guards, "salary" in most 3000-5000 yuan. Double 11 express is expected to more than 1 billion in fact, for a similar double 11 and double 12 of the electricity supplier feast, industry insiders "logistics spring exam", "one day, the electricity supplier logistics a ridge" joked, seemingly ridicule also revealed a huge industry will face the peak pressure once a year. According to the China Express association based on double 11 in previous years and this year’s express data speculated that this year will be more than double the courier will be more than 1 billion, is likely to refresh the record number of parcels again. In the face of this round of logistics exam, BYD reporter learned that the investigation, all major platforms have introduced a number of measures, including the use of big data and information transformation, combination of hardware and software to build logistics upgrade. State Post Bureau, the rookie network jointly announced shortly before the 2016 11 pairs of courier preparation. According to reports, this year, the industry will have 2 million 680 thousand front-line personnel into the double courier service which, compared with last year, an increase of more than 50%, the main line of vehicles grew by 59%, air capacity increased by about 40%. According to the survey, Suning logistics has recently announced the launch of gem相关的主题文章: