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"Lying to make money"? Denis · Wu "love sleep division" Tencent entertainment news this winter by the Shanghai Film Company Limited and hi era pictures (Beijing) Limited Chupin, Yan value burst the founder level meat Denis · Wu starred in the new movie "love" try to sleep, will visit the national cinema! He will also be the first attempt to uncover the sleep division this lying can make money, the mysterious career veil! Joe Xiao Xu, two, will laugh when Shan old play bone Kenneth Tsang Kong in this film gave strength to the wonderful performance of hot eyes. This set of new occupation, sweet love, explosion bursting point of several elements in a large fashion, and more recently released the first batch of stills, let the masses eat melons have said "my brother!" Try to sleep for the first time by division of recrimination lying to earn money when the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen office workers complain, when low wages, overtime, commuting time, sleep tester, security officer reef easy money occupation, overnight explosion of red on the network. Lazy sets of genes in humans, have become our ultimate dream for. And remove the easy, high salary, time and place of freedom of these simple labels, the hotel try to sleep as a profession, in the end is what people do, what to do, the public can not be ignorant of this. The film will also be the first secret "unearned" behind the bitter history. Denis · Wu hotel managers play in the film, Tang Jing’s hotel to deal with various problems. Try to sleep, out of the back and forth Luo Xiaoxiao, high-end hotel service quality will be through the layers of trials, naked show. As a try to sleep, should have what kind of professional quality and professional skills, will be one of the biggest highlights of the film. "Unearned" after all is only a dream, there is money lying occupation in the world, but the process is still very careful reading by Jin, only know of personal sorrow and joy. The whole hotel play no urine point to live with things outside scenery, but with the parent-child relationship indifferent hotel managers with secrets and lies of pop singers and dubious middle-aged couples, fled to refuge upstart boss… In a closed room in the hotel, living all kinds of people, their story, will be in the same roof, different time points, staggered expansion. The closed door of the room, unchained heart cried out desire; atmosphere of the high-end five-star hotel, can not hide behind the vanity of bitterness. This is standing on the island of the hotel is a place to sleep, but all kinds of difficulties and problems in life, people always can not sink to sleep. This emerging occupation of the decryption "love" try to sleep, is concerned with the hotel investigators occupation in the vicissitudes of life is to gather in the hotel this special space, perhaps the movie really wants to show us is a career, about love and about the plight of the torture of life.相关的主题文章: