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Foreign media: the president of Philippines on the beautiful picture: private contact surface at Philippines’s president Duthel Te, Xinhua News Agency reference news network October 8 news media said, on the surface of Duthel Te scolding, privately, try from the United States and Russia quarrel with China profit. According to the "Austria standard" website reported on October 6th, in Duthel Te’s war on drugs was the U.S. criticism, he called President Obama is the son of a bitch". 4, Duthel Te once again to strengthen the fire, curse the hell of Obama". Duthel Te then threatened to use the situation in Washington fear: Philippines may buy weapons from Russia or China in the future. He had already announced that it will carefully review the annual joint military drill by philippines. It wasn’t long before he said, maybe it’s time to break up. Reported that, despite the remarks made by the United States, but also the United States and Philippines cooperation, which shows that Washington still gives the strategic importance of the former colony. Now Duthel Te cleverly use it, he tried from the United States and Russia with China quarrel in the profit. 20 Riduteerte will travel to Beijing, he also hopes to obtain funding China. The charm offensive in Philippines, where the president has a high approval rating, is not without controversy. The Philippines government tried to criticize the use of populist response: Foreign Minister Yasai said in mid September, Philippines may not always do the "little brown brothers". According to Japan’s "Asahi Shimbun" reported on October 7th, about Duthel Te’s true intentions, political commentator Ramon · Casey Pleij said: "he’s just hope with the United States and China equivalence. Will not change the relationship with the United states." Casey Pleij, Walter Moss as the famous beauty Chinese paila known envoy, is the signal he hoped to maintain the traditional relationship philippines. On the surface of scolding, privately contact. He just wants to shake each other and create a favorable environment for his country.相关的主题文章: