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U.S. media say "beauty B-21 bombers can Chinese into the Western bombing of military facilities" map information: B-21 original title: U.S. media: the U.S. B21 bombers can China into the Western bombing military facilities in the United States "stars and stripes" website on September 19th published an article that the Secretary of the air force Deborah · Li · James 19 announced that the future of the American stealth bomber B-21 "Raiders" named after World War II "Doolittle raid", that is one of the most innovative strategic task force history. The name was revealed at the end of a video showing the history of the strategic bombing of the air force, which was played at the annual meeting of the Air Force Association in washington. As part of the process of naming announced, James introduced the retired Richard · lieutenant colonel Cole, he is the last surviving in the 1942 "Doolittle raid" pilot. The raid was the first attack by the United States on Japanese targets in World War ii. Cole said: "I am honored to be here on behalf of · Jimmy, general Doolittle, and those who participated in the raid, announced the name of the B-21 raiders."相关的主题文章: