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2016 graduate exam declared yesterday – major cracked Beijing lasted for half a year, corps division, Hubei city of Jingzhou province Gongan County police recently successfully destroyed 7 to the education and training of the name, has long been engaged in help test activities of criminal gangs, the main suspect Wang, Hu and other 13 people were arrested. It is understood that, in November 2015, the criminal law amendment (nine), the official implementation of the organization for the first time clearly set the cheating as a specific criminal acts. On the 2016 national entrance examination followed by Gongan County police, according to the new rules to tackle the solid handling, perseverance spirit and professional powerful means of attack, successfully cracked the nine criminal organization since the implementation of the first case of the crime of cheating in the exam. Escape suspect cheating case pull the suspect Wang never thought, he will fall into his own hands dug under the "pit". In early 2014, Wang had to cheat in the exam by way of illegal profit, during his postgraduate examinations to "package" in the name of charge a membership of Shenyang college students 180 thousand yuan training fees, after the students did not pass the exam, but Wang resolutely not refund. Angrily, the students to the Hubei police, the police as a starting point to follow it, during the 2015 national graduate examination, successfully destroyed another and Wang cognate organization cheating criminal gangs, cunning Wang has escaped. Jingzhou city network security detachment instructor Zhou Fangjie told the "Legal Daily" reporter: "although the end off another organization cheating criminal gangs, but Wang unpunished so we always can not feel at ease, we are ready to bring to justice." A year later, there was a turn. Wang unwilling to remain out of the limelight reappear, intent on the 2016 national entrance examination in the upcoming "flex its muscles". In December 2015, the Hubei Provincial Public Security Bureau network security corps to Jingzhou City Public Security Bureau network security detachment provide clues that today there will be a number of suspects prepared by gunmen take the test, the use of radio equipment to send the answer cheating manner to help test criminal. December 11, 2015, the Jingzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau was established by the deputy director Li Yong, head of the city, the county level two network security departments and units of a total of more than 30 members of the task force, designated Gongan County network security brigade investigation. Through the analysis of massive data pre acquisition, the special team found a number of clues from that point to the suspect Wang, but this time, Wang has another identity – Wuhan new life education advisory services department. The basic structure of cheating personnel verified Wang company and the organization of the examination in December 22nd, after the efforts of all the members went to Wuhan to start the final preparations before the net. The ad hoc group on the one hand to track the suspect, on the other hand to advance Wang company and prepare the crime examination and familiar with the environment, close investigation, field visits Mopai Wang’s office and rental point. On December 25th, the day before the examination, the task force held in the hotel resident net action plan, decided to move the whole;相关的主题文章: