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Chongqing to start a new batch of bus auction the lowest starting price of only 1500 yuan – Beijing, Beijing, November 13 Chongqing Xinhua (reporter Liu Xianglin) Chongqing tenth bus number 13 officially auction auction kaichui. The auction of 160 buses auction, involving more than and 20 vehicles, the starting price of less than 10 thousand yuan of vehicles accounted for the highest, the lowest starting price of only 1500 yuan. Responsible for the auction of Chongqing TAIDING auction limited liability company official told reporters, the day of the auction of the bus in addition to rich models, several times before the auction hit the main Audi, red flag, cheetah, Buick, and other high-end accord, MAGOTAN car, in the auction list also brought many practical economic models, for example Changan, JAC, KIA, Jetta, Santana, Thailand, to meet the different needs of bidders. Before the start of the auction, auction bus for three days of preview. The detailed setup of auction companies auction vehicles, in addition to the vehicle registration number, the mileage of the vehicle, the publicity flaw. During the show, there are professionals to visit the people to interpret the auction rules, bidders in the field under the assistance of the target vehicle to see the scene, to understand the true situation of the vehicle. Auction official told reporters, compared to the common used car market, the bus performance is more secure, the price is also significantly competitive, Chongqing bus auction the first nine batches of up to more than 95% satisfaction rate. Reporters read the auction list learned that the bus auction in addition to a dozen luxury cars, medium and low-grade vehicles to become the dominant. The starting price of less than ten thousand vehicles in the auction in the highest proportion, which is less than 2000 yuan starting price of 4 cars, including Santana Jinbei and Changan models. At the same time, the auction of small meat is also more and more, after 2010 registered vehicles accounted for about 30%. Reporters on the scene saw a Buick car registered in November 22, 2013, and the new appearance compared to the little difference, interior maintenance was also very good, the starting price of 78000. The auction responsible person said that the car is likely to become the auction of "king". According to reports, Chongqing has completed the nine bus auction, the average selling 150 buses, the flow rate of less than 1%. Currently, Chongqing has more than 1300 buses auction.相关的主题文章: