A boy of 13 thousand net loan used to buy a mobile phone to play the game of overdue debt-音羽かなで

A boy of 13 thousand net loan used to buy a mobile phone to play games on the overdue debt collection "he, only half a year on the net loan of more than 10 thousand dollars money. Now they say is to find his debt to the school, if the school knows, I’m afraid he couldn’t even learn to." Yesterday, the public Ms. Yao told the Wuhan evening news reporter, her son Xiaoding in a number of network lending platform borrowed 13 thousand yuan, because overdue debt recovery. Ms. Yao worried about his son’s academic influence, called for the phenomenon of lending to the network lending platform to supervise students. A big boy online lending million overdue debt collection "is not in the school, he owed money outside suddenly said to me, do not play." Ms. Yao said that in late August, Ding always looks family asked him if he was preoccupied by some troubles, what problems encountered, he often lost his temper, suspected the family pipe too wide". Until nearly a week before the start of school, Xiaoding suddenly told Ms. Yao, his last semester in the online loan of more than ten thousand yuan, is currently being recovered arrears. "We do not want to start to elaborate, tell me to give money, he went to the repayment. Asked for a long time, he said last semester in the four or five site loans, a total loan of 13 thousand yuan. Now people to call him, said let him get money, otherwise we should notify the school, but also to the school to find him." Ms. Yao said, after inquiry, Ding respectively in the "I" – "U -" elite loan pat loan five website on loan, loan to more than 2 thousand yuan respectively. Ding told reporters that the money was brought him to eat, play games, buy a cell phone. Our school has a lot of students in the online loan, as long as the student ID card, ID card, it is easy to get the money. Get the money to eat ah, sing ah, buy the game equipment, ah, very natural. I was also introduced to the students, know that these sites." Xiaoding said he likes to play an online game, in March of this year, after the opening of the new semester, his first online loan, and then take the game to buy equipment. It’s no pressure to spend money, it makes him feel good. Followed by three months, respectively, in the other side of the small loans on the platform of the four network loans. Some platforms can be up to more than 30 thousand yuan, the lowest able to borrow $1000, is also said to audit information, information on the availability of much more." Xiaoding said that he borrowed money, most of them used to buy the game equipment, but also to buy an Apple phone, the other used to invite friends to dinner. "Every month to pay, not much, a total of more than and 500 yuan per month. Is from living in the province, or borrow from friends, turnover. After the summer vacation, the family did not give the cost of living, can not find a classmate to borrow, also not, they call, say is not also going to inform the parents after school, but also to inform the school, if or not, will be sent to the school to find me, let the school know this thing." Xiaoding said, because the school was worried about the impact of bad, hesitate again and again, he told the mother. "A freshman, there is no source of income, a semester can actually borrow so much money, these platforms is how to audit? Why is it so easy to lend money to students? This is not.相关的主题文章: