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"Marry" darling Yang Zi in fashion rave triangle storm Tencent entertainment news by "two generation snow" darling and Yang Zi, "frozen old male god Qiao Zhenyu starred in the comedy" the big city love marriage married before the fashion "is Liaoning TV hit star. The play by the famous director Ceng Xiaoxin, tells the story of the gold wedding planner summer burning (Yang Zi ornaments) and cosmetic doctor Jin Zhihao (Qiao Zhenyu ornaments) secret marriage agreement, torn out of a bucket, deep into true love story, in the meantime, the return of female doctor Nie Xuan (Darling ornaments) love to live for the whole drama plot Tim foot highlights. The two edition of the snow love war kicked off in the days before the story, Nie Xuan finally appeared in the dainty version of fans of the time and again in the sound, and Qiao Zhenyu version of gold Zhihao staged a drama returned again. There is one NIE to redeem her ex boyfriend, although two people are still in love, but this time Jin Zhihao has been around with his "false marriage" and the Yang Zi version of burning summer stay together morning and night, how this love triangle development will be really exciting. Darling said: "the two girls love this man, although usually two individuals have a benign countenance but my heart is, representing the king, who did not want to give up. The former incumbent showdown is always very exciting, this play each other rival Yang Zi and I played very enjoyable." It’s just the beginning, the two edition of the snow away wars with the development of the story unfolds…… For the sake of love, love the Nie Xuan bent on dense willow trees and bright flowers restore boyfriend, in order to achieve the purpose of weaving at lie love, sympathy. Her efforts ultimately won’t change her boyfriend had fallen in love with others in her love, finally perfected, and wish to opt out of love. The Nie Xuan in lovelorn prison, but by boss (ultra high cold cold is an enthusiastic pursuit of decoration). Nie Xuan will accept super cold heart, to carry out a dense willow trees and bright flowers of love? The story is worth looking forward to a new turn. With "marry" fashion hit, darling played by the audience constantly Nie Xuan hot, whether it is in her dedication to love or friendship, she to pay, so many viewers because of the role of the interpretation of the truth of dainty praise. With the further development of the plot, darling and Yang Zi what a wonderful plot will be staged, please enjoy "Snow" viewers continue to watch.相关的主题文章: