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France 15 year old boy involved in fear of being arrested by the police, the original title: juvenile involved in fear of   French police said on the 2nd, a 15 year old boy suspected of planning terrorist attacks in Paris, was arrested on the 10 day of the police. This is a week after the French found and defeated second extremist groups and Islamic State related to the plot of the attack. Inspired by the young Agence France-Presse quoted police sources as saying that the teenager was planning a public place in the French capital, launched an attack, 10 arrested in eastern Paris. The police suspect that he was plotting the attack as a response to the call from Syria". The sources said the teenager on suspicion of having dealings with the extremists, since April this year, has been under house arrest. Police found that he and Islamic state militants, the French Rachid Gasim have contact, the two through a telegraph called the information software to send and receive encrypted messages. Gasim now hiding in Syria, repeatedly appeared in the Islamic state propaganda video, inciting followers to attack the French target. Police sources said that he was commanding two young people made this year in July the French Normandy church hostage event. A few days ago, an attempted attack near Notre Dame de Paris was believed to be related to Gasim. 4, French police found near the Notre Dame de Paris in an unlicensed car parked illegally, in which multiple full gas tank and 3 diesel oil bottle. Police arrested 8 behind the attack plot of the female terrorist groups, in the process of arrest, a 19 year old female suspect suddenly brandished a knife stabbing a police shoulder. France’s "world news" reported that Gasim attempted to attack after the use of "telegraph" release of information, said: "women, sisters, please continue to launch attacks. Where have all the brothers gone?…… Is she waved the knife, and she stabbed the police…… Where are the men?" Fear of the risk of the highest level within a week of continuous discovery of two terrorist attacks plot, so that since last year has been subjected to fear of fear of the French panic again nervous. French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, 11, said in an interview with French media, France is currently facing the greatest threat of terrorist attacks in the future, there will be a new terrorist attacks occur". Waals said that at present there are about 15 thousand people in France to accept the police because of extreme tendencies. This figure was expected to be 10 thousand. In addition, there are 1350 people in France after the investigation was jailed for terrorism, of which 293 were found to have direct contact with terrorist organizations. France has 700 extremists in Iraq or Syria to participate in terrorist activities, including 275 women and dozens of minors. Neighboring Germany has recently released police data, said the number of potential extremists in Germany has more than 500 people, may bring new risk of terrorist attacks. The German Interior Minister Demaiqiai Thomas 10 to accept the German "Bild" said in an interview with Germany, about the potential for extremism number of personnel has 520 people, the number is the highest. These "dangerous" from Syria, North Africa and other places in Europe, prop相关的主题文章: