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Minors overdefense caused serious injury after 15 years to be free of punishment – Beijing, Huaxi City reading news (reporter Chen Junjun) recently, Nanchong Jialing court together with over fifteen years of intentional injury case, the defendant Zhang was under eighteen years of age and undue defence, the court ultimately sentenced to exempt punishment. Lee in the town of Tumen Jialing district on operation of a barber shop, a cousin of horse in the barber shop next to rent a shop, motorcycle maintenance. One day in April 2001, Zhang came to look for a motorcycle motorcycle lights, the two sides quarrel because of trivia, but also moved his hand. Next to Lee’s mother after seeing a horse and fight together with each other, then the crowd was opened. In the afternoon, Lee know this matter, very angry. He invited his cousin to find Zhang theory, named Ma and demanded an apology. Period, because the two sides did not talk, two people were beaten zhang. Chaos, Zhang with a knife to plum Lee’s forehead, causing his injuries, then fled home. In early 2016, after a lapse of 15 years after the incident, Zhang was arrested in Dongguan Jialing public security organs. Jialing procuratorate subsequently Zhang suspected of intentional injury to the prosecution of the Jialing court. Jialing court believes that the defendant Zhang deliberately hurt others body caused serious injury, the right to the health of others, his behavior constituted the crime of intentional injury. The defendant Zhang to make my personal rights from being infringed, and take actions to stop the unlawful infringement of the justifiable defense system, but its behavior causes the victim Lee injured, justifiable defence obviously exceeds the limits of necessity and causes serious damage, he shall bear criminal responsibility, but should be reduced or exempted from punishment. The defendant Zhang was under eighteen years of age, should be given a lighter or mitigated punishment. The defendant and the victim Zhang Lee reached a compensation agreement, compensation for the loss of the victim and has made understanding can be discretionary lighter punishment. Comprehensive defendant Zhang sentencing circumstances, the court decided to waive its punishment.相关的主题文章: