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Temple No. two on the black Technology: ultra high precision space atomic clock original title: Temple No. two, science: ultra high precision space atomic clock is a "clock" is what? The upcoming launch of "Tiangong two" space laboratory, laboratory space is a real sense, will carry out more than 10 space science and application of the project, the manned space mission is the previous application project is one of the largest. It involves many fields such as microgravity fluid physics, space materials science, space life science, space astronomy exploration, space environment monitoring, earth observation and earth science research and new technology test. Chinese Central Academy of space application engineering and technology on behalf of Chinese Academy of Sciences led space application system of major science and technology project of manned space mission planning, overall management and technology integration system, responsible for all the scientific application of load integration, ground testing and rail transport control, achievement promotion and other tasks. Ultra high precision space cold atomic clock, which is a "clock"? It is in the "Tiangong two" space experiment plays what role? What impact will it have on our lives? It’s all from a long time ago…… "Fine" benefit and "fine": from sundials to cold atomic clock in the progress of human civilization and the development of science and technology in the long history of human activities, the social demand and the precision of time measurement is inseparable. Once upon a time, our ancestors recorded time by the periodic motion of the celestial bodies. They work from sunrise to sunset, through the observation of natural phenomena, such as the sun and the moon relative to their own position to the vague definition of time, this time is called the natural clock. Later, people gradually invented such as water clocks, sundials, hourglass etc. timing device that can indicate the passage of time according to the equal interval, which also marks the artificial clock began to appear. When the pendulum can appear long time repeated periodic motion of the oscillator, the oscillation frequency can be generated to determine any device, called the time and frequency standard, and on the basis of the invention of the operation of a truly sustainable clock. Data figure: the evolution of human timing tools. From fourteenth Century to mid nineteenth Century 500, people first used the old balance clock instead of natural clock, (the accuracy is about 10^-2 magnitude, the error is about 1 minute, then Zhong Tian) based on the pendulum device developed more sophisticated mechanical clocks, the mechanical clock timing accuracy meets the basic people’s daily the timing required level (the highest accuracy at the 10^-8 level, the error is about 1 year). From the beginning of 1930s, with the invention of crystal oscillator, quartz crystal clock miniaturization and low energy consumption instead of mechanical clocks, widely used in electronic timer timing and various other fields, until now, has become the main timing device used in people’s daily life. The beginning of 1940s, modern science and technology, especially the rapid development of atomic physics and radio microwave technology, scientists using the atomic hyperfine structure transitions with the characteristics of the transition frequency is very stable, the development of a higher precision than the atomic clock crystal clock. 1967 Thirteenth International Conference on Metrology will be time seconds to be redefined: one second for the cesium atom ground state of the ultra fine two.相关的主题文章: